Post Menopausal Bleeding

I am 65 and had an early menopause at about 45. I have had 3 episodes of some post menopausal bleeding over the last 2 months. It’s been very light, and just been a one off thing each time. I have a cervical smear test booked for the week after next . I’m wondering if I should chat to my GP before that though? Also I feel bloated, but I’m not sure if that’s just psychological! 

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    I wrote letters to each of my kids and my grandson so no questions were left unanswered and no regrets, signed up for over 50 insurance, I was so so scared, so I know exactly how u all feel..no1 else will get it unless they been through it..I now suffer anxiety but my end result is still the same I’m here. I think if I could tell myself anything it would be being scared won’t change a thing, I should  of steered clear of google (hence my anxiety problem)and I have no choice but to go with what comes because only the hospital can do for me at this stage..once hysterscopy is done ur know what’s what..everyone needs a good friend to talk to as I tried to steer my diagnosis away from my family, but u all need to speak your fears to someone xx

  • I had general anaesthetic im really a low pain tolerance kind of person lol, I googled it and thought no way, but just had a friend have it done and she said was uncomfortable but ok..

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    Oh writing letters is a good idea! I’ll do that! Trying to keep it away from my daughters until I have a clear diagnosis: your positive outcome is reassuring. I took out life insurance when I got divorced so all that is covered but will need to check the paperwork and leave copies of that too I guess. We all take rmz for granted … and it’s not a given is it? 
    thank you for kind responses x

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    Any help can offer xx anytime u neec to talk or ask anything I’m here x let me know how u get on x

  • Well had a mare of a morning. I only slept in for my pre op assessment this morning. I went anyway thinking I would rebook if possible but bless them they let me have my pre op assessment anyway. Now I just have to wait u til next Tuesday for my hysteroscopy. I find myself being fine for a little while then the anxiety piles in along with all the what if’s. Good luck to everyone who has their hysteroscopies this week. I’ll be thinking of you xx

  • Thank goodness they fitted you in. What a relief. I know what you mean about being fine and then not. I started to listen to a podcast about how to tell children someone has cancer and it properly set me off. I’m really worried they notice I’m bleeding. They know I’ve been stopped since my youngest was born 12 years ago so it would raise questions. I want to wait til I know for certain what I’m telling them and what they means for our plans over the school holidays. Sending lots of luck to everyone having tests and waiting for results. xx

  • It’s really difficult isn’t it. I haven’t told anyone other than my hubby. I think waiting until I have a definitive answer is better for me at the moment but then it leaves you without that support of having people to talk to when you need to just get it all out. That’s why I’m so thankful for everyone here. It’s nice knowing there are others who know exactly what I am feeling. Thank you all so much xxx

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    I’ve done the exact opposite … I’ve told everyone because I don’t know how much help I’ll need. I work as a self employed tutor so have told most of my parents so that they have plenty of notice if they want to look elsewhere; I’ll be out of action for a couple of months at least! Told my adult daughters, my sister and my friends….i can’t bear them being nice about it all so just want them to carry on as normal. The difference is that last I didn’t know … and this week I do! I’m no different, my closest friend has recovered from breast cancer twice … she’s been invaluable. Talking here is so helpful too because we’re all in the same place at the same time with the same thing xxx

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    I am see the benefits of doing that and hopefully once I have had my hystoroscopy next Tuesday the consultant will tell what is up. If it’s cancer then I will tell everyone so that they are aware but if it isn’t then I can just tell them what it’s is if that makes sense. My mum is getting on in years and cared for my dad who had oesophageal cancer. It wasn’t a great time for any of us as dad was stage 4 terminal by the time he would go to the doctors and this upset my mum terribly. I would rather spare her the worry if it’s not cancer. My hubby has been an absolute rock. He’s good at pulling me out of my anxiety and calming me down. Making me laugh and see positives when I’m not seeing any. Always good to have someone who can do that. Guess this time next week I too will know. Just got to get through this week now :)

  • Hi Mario11, it's good to hear a balanced view on this forum.  I have had PMB for 1 week, a month ago I changed from oestrogel to evorel 100 patches and increased my Utrogestan to 200mg as advised by y GP.  I went back to the GP last week, she took a swab, which came back normal.  GP also sent 2Week wait referral to Gynaecologist, it was rejected, I have complained to the hospital who have fed b k up PALs and now it seems the referral possibly being reconsidered.  Reason the referral was rejected was that they said I have to stop my HRT before going on the 2 week wait.  I've arranged an Ult sound privately in The meantime.  My last one was November 2023 and endometrium was 3.6mm, all else normal.  All Doctors have said the bleed is dur to change in HRT.  Still I worry, which is normal, ut I'm trying to do all the things you do to carry on.  Dr 'Google' is no help at all, but I've fallen into this in a vain attempt to prepare myself for any other diagnosis.  Any kind words to someo like me suffering with health anxiety would be gratefully relieved