Post Menopausal Bleeding

I am 65 and had an early menopause at about 45. I have had 3 episodes of some post menopausal bleeding over the last 2 months. It’s been very light, and just been a one off thing each time. I have a cervical smear test booked for the week after next . I’m wondering if I should chat to my GP before that though? Also I feel bloated, but I’m not sure if that’s just psychological! 

  • Hi Wiseowl1, 

    You should tell your GP and insist that you need a follow-up check or scan. Only a scan and then maybe a biopsy can tell what it is really happening. 

    My story was that I was ignored by my GP as they thought I was too young to have womb cancer. After many times of being dismissed and lost in referring for a scan, I went to a private hospital for a check-up. Then I was found having stage 2 grade 2 endometrial cancer. 

    Take care and good luck!


  • Thank you for replying. I hope you are doing ok?! Do you mind me asking what your symptoms were and what your treatment was? 
    Thank you. 

  • I started having very heavy periods since I was 44. Then when I was 46, I had no periods for months but light spotting irregularly especially after going to the toilet or having sex. No pain, just a few drops of blood on tissue paper. Given my age and the mild symptoms, my GP did not think it was anything serious. 

    But lucky that I insisted I needed to find out what I was dealing with, so I went for the private scan clinic n private doctor consultation. The doctor in the private hospital also worked at the NHS. After the scan in his private hospital office, he immediately booked me in for the biopsy at his NHS office. Then the biopsy result led to a total hysterectomy and confirming it was in fact grade 2 stage 2 endometrial cancer. A month after the hysterectomy, I had radiotherapy:21 rounds external, 5 rounds internal. I had no discomfort or any symptoms before the operation. The hysterectomy went well. I left the hospital in 2 days. The healing process was smooth. I could walk and lead a normal life l, although in a much slower pace, since the 2nd week after the operation. The radiotherapy also went well. I was lucky that although it was during Covid, my sessions were not disrupted. The staff were all very caring and supportive. I felt I was well looked after and indeed the treatment did not make me feel embarrassed nor discomfort. The staff reminded me that I could have stomach ache n diarrhoea after the radiotherapy. However, I had the opposite: finding hard to have bowel movements. This problem disappeared slowly. 

    As I entered menopause immediately after hysterectomy, the expected menopausal symptoms appear but luckily they are just minor ones. I am now 50. 

    Hope my story helps! Take care and wish you best of luck!


  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am seeing my doctor and have a smear test booked. I’m quite anxious as I missed a smear test during covid so am very overdue for one! 
    I hope you continue to feel better!

  • Wish you all the best!


  • I had post menopausal bleeding in January 2024. I contacted my Dr immediately who referred me for a Hysteroscopy. Unfortunately my diagnosis was Endometrial Cancer. I asked why this had not shown up on my smear test from late October 2023 and was told that smear tests do not detect Endometrial Cancer, at the moment there is no screening for Endometrial Cancer (Womb Cancer)  Please ring your doctor as a matter of urgency and insist that he refers you for a Hysteroscopy then you can get some answers. Once you have had this test, you will have more idea of what is happening. I had a full modified radical hysterectomy in April by Robotic surgery. I was discharged from hospital the day after surgery and to be honest, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. Best to get it all checked out. x

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m sorry you have had to go through this and hope you continue to make a good recovery. It’s useful to know what procedures to ask the GP for!  

  • Please update us when you get some answers. I found it good to chat to others in a similar situation. 

  • Hi, I am in a similar situation,age 56,  GP concerned with bleeding since changes to HRT ( to progesterone only from combined patches),after almost a year of no period.Had Ultrasound scan Tuesday, shows thickened lining, now awaiting urgent Gynae appointment within next few weeks.Am obviously worried about outcomes but also glad that it's all being dealt with quickly, it's all a bit overwhelming tbh.

  • Will do! GP appointment on Tuesday.