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How to get started on Cancer Chat

Some handy guides to help you get started using Cancer Chat. If you have a question and can't find the answer listed below, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator for help.

Safety & Security: Terms and Conditions
Safety & Security: Community Guidelines
Safety & Security: How do I stay safe on the forum?
Safety & Security: Contact a moderator

Account: Registering as a new member
Account: How do I change my profile picture?
Account: How do I manage my email notifications?
Account: How do I sign in?
Account: How do I close my account?
Account: How do I update my email address?

Account: How do I change my username?
Account: How do I change my password?

Discussions: How do I find my discussions?
Discussions: How do I make sure my post is read?
Discussions: How to follow a discussion
Discussions: How do I start a new discussion?
Discussions: How do I edit or delete my post?
Discussions: How do I search the forum?
Discussions: Tagging someone in a post

Private Messaging: How to use Private Messaging
Private Messaging: Staying safe on private messaging
Private Messaging: Managing your friends list
Private Messaging: Opting in/out of private messaging