Complex ovarian cyst

I've had an ultrasound which has picked up hundreds of fibroids and a complex cyst on my right ovary. My CA125 is 139.
Fast forward two weeks and I've seen a junior consultant, who wasn't concerned at all and basically told me there's nothing wrong with me, she would only be worried if I were 20 years older!! I'm 43..... she said they would monitor me every 3 months. Obviously I went out of the hospital in a daze feeling like I've wasted their time!!

 I was assigned a support worker from the gyny team at my local hospital once my doctor did a fast track referral and thank god she rang me!!

 The senior consultant requested an MRI which I have now had. My next appointment is next week. The waiting is affecting my every day routine and I can think of nothing but having cancer and leaving my 13 year old twins. I know it's not long to wait but I'm so scared. 

  • Hopefully my story will reassure you. I too was discovered to have a complex ovarian cyst. I had an MRI and was then offered 3 monthly scans to see if it changed at all. I couldn’t live with the worry so opted to have it removed. It was completely benign. I was aged 36 when this happened. Hope that everything turns out well for you too.x

  • Thank you for replying. I know there's mostly good news with cases like mine and it is reassuring but it doesn't stop the worry and the sleepless nights. Fingers crossed I'll be ok thank you x

  • I know exactly how you feel it's so stressful. Here if you want to talk x

  • Hi I hope you don't mind me joining in.


    I had a full hysterectomy last year due to a massive fibriod. Was so ill afterwards and in and back out of hospital with complications and almost died with sepsis. 

    Now I had a cyst on my one remaining ovary and to say I've been sick with worry is an understatement.

    first scan it was 5.9cm.


    I was offered a follow up scan which I've recently had but now I am being sent to see the gynaecologist again and getting and MRI. 

    I am ill with worry about the thought of another operation but then I started to worry if it's something more suspicious! 

    I am 40, no history of ovarian cancer in the family but it's so worrying. 

    I have no idea why I need the MRI.



  • I had a dermoid cyst removed when I was 17 including Fallopian tube and ovary removed after 2 years of back and forwards to the gp

     I now have a multioccular lesion on my remaining ovary and I’m 44. The cyst is 4.1cnm and I’m struggling with incontinence everyday and weight gain and  waiting for apt 

    lets hope they can just remove the cyst and I can get back to the gym #reallysickofthisagain

  • Hiya

    I completely understand how you are feeling... 

    I have also recently had scan and mri done for ovarian cysts. So both my ovaries have cysts that have joined together (I don't know if that is common), The left cyst which is bigger has a nodule in it which could be possibly maligment, I am low risk as no history in family etc..  My right cyst there is blood in the fallopian tube, I don't know what this means.

    So because of nodule I have been referred to oncology, the consultant wants to remove it all.. Ovaries, tubes and hysterectomy just in case it is cancer.. Even though I'm low risk and the doctor agreed with it. 

    I don't want this, it seems unnecessary.  Has anyone been told same smiliar but opted just to remove what's effected?  Im only 43 and want to keep as much as poss.

    This is a complete shock

  • hi

    thats awful for you and I bet you are worried. I hope they don’t have to take everything away and sometimes they tell you worse scenario incase they have to. I would push them to leave everything and only take away the lumps. Best of luck x

  • Thank you for your response...  I was hoping to do as least as possible, so hopefully the doctors listens.  Its quite daunting and scary.  

    Love and light to you too, it sounds like you have been on quite a journey too. 

  • Hey 


    I have a 4.4cm cyst on my right ovary. I was told after a few ultrasounds that my cyst looked complex. I spent days and night googling and worrying. I'm 38 years old and have two children. 
    My CA125 was also high and twice the results for this test came up increased. So 3 months later I get a call to say you have a MRI booked and some more bloods, to b told 2 weeks later that my cyst is a hemorrohaging cyst and my CA125 results have decreased. So my MRI found nothing sinister but I am due to have surgery to drain the cyst and remove endometriosis. 

  • Hi all, Read youre stories and for reassurance. 

    I do hope you are all well and hope I'm not intruding.


    My partner is 26 and has a 3cm complex ovarian cyst.

    She is rather petite and 5'3, Her stomach is very bloated and in constant pain daily and codeine that was prescribed along with anti sickness, Just helps when it kicks in.


    She is now in a lot more pain and I am worried sick and overthink it may get worse to the thing I really hope its not.


    She had a son at 20 with a C section and her mother had Breast Cancer and sadly passed at 46.


    I've read up so many articles and forums about it and just want advice and I'm terrified.


    She has gave me consent to talk about our personal lives on this so she can understand aswell.

    She is due another scan in a few weeks but we are phoning the NHS24 for advice tomorrow and probably going up to A&E.

    They said previously that they would only remove it if it was 5cm or bigger.


    She has an eating disorder which doesn't help and it shows her stomach bloated.

    I've also researched about Tumeric,Garlic extract and Vitiman D3 which all aid in shrinking and hopefully killing off the Cyst.

    Which she now takes daily with food.


    I really really really hope and pray its nothing serious as she is really young and also had a Child which put my mind at ease but then finding out it can be linked to Breast cancer in the family which she had (Her mother).


    Any advice or reassurance would be incredible and I can only apologise if I'm in the wrong for posting on here.


    I just want to speak with people who have this first hand to get more information as the doctors haven't really been helpful recently.


    Thank you for you're time and I hope you are all safe and well.


    Thank you