Just found out its cancer

I went today for results of my biopsies.  My husband went with me for support.  The doctor told me Im sorry its bad news your biopsies showed cancer around the lining of your womb.  Once she used the C word I was floored.  She was very good and explained it was treatable.  I have to have a hysterectomy within the next 4 weeks and hopefully no more treatment all being well.  The MRI scan showed no spread thank God.  All in all best case scenario but its hard to hear that you have cancer when life was sailing along and it just hits you out of the blue.  The doctor also said it isnt put out there enough that post menopausal women who have the slightest bit of bleeding need to go straight to their doctor.  Dont leave it.  Im so glad I was on the ball even after a clear smear test.  Just to get through this op now and hopefully I can look forward to he future.  This group has really helped me so thank you to all who listened and answered my questiions.  X

  • I don’t know how to start this reply, I’m sorry that you have a cancer diagnosis, I’m relieved for you that there’s no spread and it is best case scenario/early stage and treatable but I imagine scary all the same being given a diagnosis and having to have surgery.  

    Yesterday must have been hard on your husband too? 

    Thanks for posting and letting us know, sending hugs and best wishes that all goes as well as it can for you and your recovery is speedy.

    Be kind and gentle  with yourself as I can imagine your emotions will continue to be all over the place x

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    Thank you so much for your kind words.  I thought i was ok but iv had a few bouts of crying today.  I just cant wait to get the surgery over.  X

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    Totally understandable that you’ve had a cry today,  you are ok, that is a part of accepting your diagnosis and preparing for the next steps..

    Do something nice for yourself, face mask, foot soak, whatever brings you a little bit of joy, you deserve it, sending you a hug