Pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ diagnosis

Hello, I have just been diagnosed with PLCIS in my left breast and wondered if anyone can give me more information or have also been diagnosed with this. After a second biopsy I was told that I have a 13mm area very close to my chest wall which will require a Wide local excision and am now waiting for a date for this. 

Thanks on advance

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    Hi kf68, just wondering if you have had your results back yet or still waiting. Also I keep forgetting to ask people what position the WLE was on their breast. My biopsy was quite high up near the t op of my breast at 12o'clock position so just assuming they will go back in there. Also how big the scar will be? Sorry about all the questions but Google is too scary

    Take care X x 

  • Where you told you have calcifications? If so, pleomorphic describes the type of calcifications, there size, shape, formation. 

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    I’m really sorry but  sure if I replied to this already ?

    results back - grade 2, 20mn( not 15), clear margins and no lymphs involved .

    waiting for a call from the oncologist .

    Mine was at the side , half way down . The breast scar looks fine . 

    The sentinel node biopsy is a bit raised and I’m not sure I’ll be shaving my armpits any time soon  but I’m sure it will be fine in a few months with some bio oil . 

    Don’t google ! If you’re on instagram, look up Liz o Riordan. She is an ex breast surgeon who’s had BC . She has a book x 

  • I'm doing ok thank you, I've found I'm tiring very easily since surgery, even though I'm doing absolutely nothing! And Pain isnt too bad. Should have had a call from district nurse as I should have had dressings changed today and wound checked but heard nothing from them. I pray too that my lymphnodes are clear. I will update you on the 29th x

  • Yes, it started with them seeing calcifications. 

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    Thank you, mine is right at top of breast so not sure if they go in at the same place as biopsy as it will be very visible. Sounds like it was a good result with clear margins and no lymphs involved. I have looked up Liz O'Riordan and she is very interesting and helpful. Thank you again for taking the time to reply. Take care. X x

  • Hi, am glad pain is not too bad for you. I hope your results come back with clear lymph nodes. Will keep my fingers crossed for you until the 29th. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Take care x x

  • Hello, I was diagnosed last year with PLCIS in my left breast 45mm originally it was misdiagnosed as LCIS but after it grew very large and I had further biopsies I eventually got the diagnosis.

    As mine was such a large tumour I had a Theraputic Mamoplasty. (Surgery with reconstruction and a reduction in my right breast for symmetry) I then had a further surgery 2 months later as the margins were not clear, but I was given the all clear after surgery number 2 and underwent 3 weeks of Radiotherapy. My treatment finished in November 23 and I’m doing great, recovery had gone well, I’m back doing fitness and strength training and feeling overall really good.  

    so I hope this gives you a bit of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll be back to yourself in no time  

    good luck with your recovery. 

  • Hi, I have had my lumpectomy now and  results came back with clear margins. I feel really fortunate as I have heard of so many woman having to do go through more surgeries. I have an appointment with the oncologist about radiotherapy in June and hoping for just 5 sessions . Can I ask if you think it is beneficial to have an MRI? As I am thinking I might get a private one for piece of mind . X 

  • Oh I’m so glad the lumpectomy went well and you’re on the road to recovery.

    i did also have an MRI before my surgery to make sure it had not spread to any other area. Which luckily it hadn’t.

    They do however do a CT scan at your pre appointment for your Radiotherapy to confirm the area they will concentrate on. You also get your tattoo markers at this appointment. 

    good luck and hopefully all goes well for you

    Josa xx