Oncologist appointment tomorrow - what questions should I ask?

After being diagnosed on 18th January and going through all the various test, I finally get to see the oncologist tomorrow. Would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions about what questions would be good to ask. 

Also what are your experiences of how long it took for treatment to start after first oncology appointment. As my breast cancer is grade 3 and fast growing, I'm worried about it spreading, before my treatment even gets started. 

Was it suggested you have a PICC line or port?

  • Oh Pippin,  I'm so pleased you've got the go ahead for Monday, that's great news. Well done to your liver!! Glad you've got some medication for the hot flushes too and like you say even if they take a few weeks to kick in at least there will hopefully be some improvement and relief soon. 

    I know you're right about the TC vs EC..at the end of the day i just have to go with what my body will tolerate and just accept the new plan!

    Will be interesting to see how the scans go, keeping everything crossed for you and also glad there won't be a huge wait for the results. The waiting is the hardest part sometimes!

    Glad you enjoyed a lovely dinner out..i was super tired yesterday afternoon, i think it's the co-cocodomol i take with the injections so i'm going to give the co-cocdomol a miss today and see if that makes me less sleepy! I've got slight hip pain with the injections but all manageable at the moment...

    Enjoy your weekend, so sunny again today makes such a difference!..and really hope the next round goes just as well as the previous ones. You seem to be taking it all in your stride! Let us know how you're getting on...

    Take care xx

  • I too feel a bit tired today, after going out last night, but did manage to get out for my walk. It's a shame the co-codomol make you so tired. You can't win really, either tiredness or in pain, it's difficult to know what to do!! At least the sun is shining today, always makes things feel a bit better. Xx

  • Glad you still got out for your walk…it’s so beautiful today..spring is springing! 

    Gave the co-cocodomol a miss this afternoon and so far ok pain wise…2 more jabs to go for this round so hoping no serious pain to contend with. Seems ok so far. I only had 3 jabs last time so will be interesting to see if the extra 2 make any difference. Are you ok with your jabs? Other than hot flushes and tiredness you seem to be doing so well! 

    For the moment I am very much enjoying the sunshine and being outside! Have a lovely, lovely weekend  Xx

  • I am really pleased with how things are going so far. Yes it's just been the hot flushes and some tiredness, so feel really fortunate. Have been fine with the jabs too, no side effects so far. I have to have them for 7 days, starting on day 4, do you only have to have 5? Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunshine, it is gorgeous out there today. I've managed to get two loads of washing dry!

  • Hi Pippin,

    I am delighted to hear that your liver is almost back to normal and that your chemo can go ahead on Monday. It's good to hear that you have been prescribed something for the hot flushes - here's hoping that you find a difference. I am sure that you'll be glad to find out how your treatment is working, when you have your scan on 30th, and I hope that it'll show that you're making good progress.

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your catch up with friends last night - it's great when you can do something "normal" for a change.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Hi Jolamine, I must say, I have been very lucky with treatment so far, with minimal side effects. Hopefully this will continue, when I move onto docetaxel in May, but will have to wait and see. Finger's crossed my ct thorax scan will show that lung nodules are nothing to worry about, but I'm a bit anxious about this. I'm also hoping breast scan shows that the treatment is working well. Hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather this weekend. Xx

  • Hope you're doing ok Jolamine? xx

  • Hope today goes well Pippin, last EC, whoop!! Hope they can access the port ok today and that you continue to feel good with minimal side effects...xx

  • Hi Pippin,

    I am so glad to hear that you have had minimal side-effects with your treatment so far and sincerely hope that your scan shows that this is working for you. It's hard to believe that this is the last of your EC today - time to start worrying about the Docetaxel in May. Just enjoy these few weeks, before that starts. 

    We moved house last weekend and are thoroughly enjoying the better weather down here in the south.

    Best of luck for today.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Hi Greeny,

    I am a bit frazzled having moved house last week, but enjoying the better weather down here in the south. I am glad to hear that you are coping better with the TC and I hope that this continues.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx