Oncologist appointment tomorrow - what questions should I ask?

After being diagnosed on 18th January and going through all the various test, I finally get to see the oncologist tomorrow. Would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions about what questions would be good to ask. 

Also what are your experiences of how long it took for treatment to start after first oncology appointment. As my breast cancer is grade 3 and fast growing, I'm worried about it spreading, before my treatment even gets started. 

Was it suggested you have a PICC line or port?

  • Is  a PICC or port a better option? Does everyone get offered one or the other?

  • I hope some of our members share their thoughts and advice with you soon Pippin24, but whilst you wait you're very welcome to give our cancer nurses a call about this on 0808 800 4040. Their phone lines are open between 9a.m - 5p.m and they'll do all they can to help.

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, 

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Hi Pippin,

    The waiting time is almost over, at last. This time tomorrow, you will know the way forward. Fortunately, I didn't have chemo, so I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question. All I do know, from reading posts on this site, is that a PICC line or port is preferable to a canula.

    I hope that all goes as well as it can tomorrow and that you can soon start to move forward with your treatment.

    I'll be thinking of you.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Thank you so much Jolamine, you have been so supportive right from the start. Hopefully not too long now until my treatment can get going. The sooner it starts, the sooner it will be over. Xx

  • Hello Pippin,I was diagnosed in July 22, had bilateral mastectomies in September and started chemotherapy on 22.December which finished in the March . So it was all pretty quick ,I also had lymphclearance on left side a few weeks after mastectomies. 
    I would let the oncologist tell you everything first , then you could ask how long recovery after op will be ,how long chemotherapy will take ,if you are having radiotherapy as well ? 
    Best thing is making a list and taking someone with you who can be second pair of ears as it might go over your head . 
    I had chemo every two weeks and they were only able to put cannula and take blood from my right arm ,as the left side is out of bounds now .As my veins were good ,I did not have a port or picc line .

    A friend of mine was having chemo every three weeks and she had a picc line inserted as her veins weren’t that brilliant. She coped well with it and didn’t find the initial insertion painful.

    Regarding it spreading,I was concerned about that too ,but was reassured that treatment would be done accordingly . 
    It’s been a year next month that I finished Chemotherapy, I am feeling back to normal and the time just flew during treatments . Luckily I felt pretty well throughout . 
    Good luck now and stay in touch xx

  • Thanks rumpelstiltskin for your reply. I have taken your advice and written down any questions I have, so I don't forget when I get there. Hubby will be coming to the appointment with me.Thanks for the info about your friend having a picc line, good to hear insertion wasn't painful. So reassuring to hear that you felt well during your treatment, hope its the same for me. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Xx

  • I did ask about a picc line ,but they felt if my veins were ok ,cannula would be better ,less risk of infection . 
    Ask ,what they suggest for you xx

  • Thank you, will have a chat with them tomorrow about it. Do you remember how long it took to start your treatment, after first oncology appointment? I'm concerned that I still haven't had any treatment. Xx

  • Yes, I had the mammogram and biopsies in July, probably saw oncologist then in August and had surgery in September. Started chemotherapy in the December ,

    let me know how it goes and stress your concerns when you see them xx