Oncologist appointment tomorrow - what questions should I ask?

After being diagnosed on 18th January and going through all the various test, I finally get to see the oncologist tomorrow. Would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions about what questions would be good to ask. 

Also what are your experiences of how long it took for treatment to start after first oncology appointment. As my breast cancer is grade 3 and fast growing, I'm worried about it spreading, before my treatment even gets started. 

Was it suggested you have a PICC line or port?

  • Hi Rufusblue, pleased to hear that you're feeling OK, shame about the delay of your next treatment. My May treatment will also get delayed due to the May Bank Holiday. They said I'll be given a different day and future treatments will then be on the new day. Shame really, I quite like having it on the Monday. Good to hear you have a new wig that you're happy with. Such a shame though that the hair clinic is closing down. Is there anywhere local that you could use instead? Must be lovely to have your daughter home from uni, just a shame she has come home with a cold. Have a lovely Easter, always here for a chat. Xx

  • Morning all, (02:39am). New symptom tonight - restless legs so annoying as I am tired and I want sleep.  . Also not managed to open my bowls since Monday morning, so starting to worry about that and bank holiday weekend is coming up so not sure what I can take. Sorry I know this is a moaning text. Just hoping if I can get it off my chest I might feel a bit better and I know there is no judgement here. 

  • Morning,I had restless legs too during treatment,used a magnesium spray and then took magnesium tablets ,it worked for me . If you haven’t got a laxative ,Lactulose ,is usually quite mild ,I would try tinned prunes .Nice with some custard and try and get plenty of water down as well . Xx

  • Sorry to hear you are now suffering with restless legs, that is such a horrible feeling. I do suffer from this at times, but not while on chemo so far. I too have been suffering from constipation since last cycle, same as last time. I have been using Laxido which was prescribed by oncologist, but so far nothing. Gp gave me some lactulose a couple of weeks ago, but haven't tried that yet. I was given an out of hours number to phone if I had any issues. They told me meds could be sent by courier if necessary. Was you given a number to call if you need to? Try and catch up on some sleep through the day if you can. Hope you start to feel better soon. Xx

  • Hi Pippin 24, that's the only hair clinic in my town unfortunately so would probably have to go further afield but I'm trying not to worry about that at the moment,  had another nightmare trying to sort my sick note for work after sitting on hold for over an hour the doctors receptionist told me to get one from the hospital so another obstacle but managed to sort that,  hope you're feeling OK after your treatment and have a lovely Easter xx

  • Hi MadhatterC I think I had the same toilet issues before when I had the strong treatment your on, it's a combination of the steroids and anti sickness tablets causing the problems but it does normally pass after a few days,  hope you start feeling better soon xx

  • I can confirm Jersey is just what the doctor ordered! It’s been so so nice to be here! Amazing beach walks, catching up with family. It’s been lovely. If you do come to Jersey then let me know as I have loads of recommendations! 

    Hope you’re continuing to feel good? 

    Happy Easter! Xx

  • Hey!

    glad you’ve been feeling ok on this round, great to hear. Hope you’re still feeling good…sorry to hear your Daughter has a cold...but hope she’s feeling better so you can feel a bit more comfortable around her. 

    have a lovely Easter and good luck on Wednesday for your next round..is that round 3? xx

  • Hi Greeny80, so pleased that you have been enjoying your time away, I'm sure it's just what you needed.I have continued to feel pretty well, although I had a bit of an off night on Friday night; with hot flushes, then feeling freezing cold. Have now had 3 injections, without any problems, so fingers crossed, that continues. Getting a little nervous now about having my port fitted on Wednesday and will be glad to get it over with. Enjoy the rest of your break and have a lovely Easter. Xx

  • Oh hope the hot flush was a random one off…glad no other major symptons…please don’t be nervous about the Port. It will be totally fine…it didn’t hurt at all. If anything it felt slightly uncomfortable for a few days but it wasn’t sore and it will make administering the remaining cycles and blood tests etc so much easier and it will be over before you know it…I promise you have nothing to worry about. Are they doing it under local or sedation?