Liposarcoma - have moved from Pre-diagnosis

My operation is called Resection retroperitoneal sarcoma left nephrectomy left hemicolectomy splenectomy? Distal pancreatectomy.

  • I can hardly believe it's two months since being here. I have told Chris about being here helped me so much on my journey. Recently I did some weeding, only a little, the first time since last year - then I had a good rest!

  • We are very, very fortunate and it is only recently that I have been coming to realise exactly what has happened to me in the last year. A gradual relaisation. Until realisation happens then I couldn't have understood or acknowledged - does that make sense? What an incredibly serious operation it was!!! Yes, I am, gradually, feeling a little stronger.

    Should I move to another place again? ie "Moving on".

  • Hi Mary its so lovely to hear from you and to realise that you are progressing ,what a brilliant surgeon you had to get you to this stage ,such a massive operation and there you are weeding the garden ,its the perfect time of year to start doing bits and pieces and pottering slowly but surely and then resting whenever you feel like it ,so Mary keep going and rebuilding your strength you are doing amazingly well and I hope you go from strength to strength ,take good care lots of kind wishes ,let us know how you go ,keep in touch Jenny x

  • Today I had the first scan locally and I shall find out the results on the 18th. Easy to tell myself "don't worry, they'll either be okay or not", but not so easy to heed my own advice!

  • Hi Mary I think most people will agree its the hardest part waiting for results , its the unknown keeps the mind active ,at least the waits not too long compared to some ,I wish you well and hope you have good results .

  • Hi Mary,

    There is no need to tell you not to worry, as, I'm sure that you'll be doing that anyway. What I am doing is hoping and praying that your results are as good as they were last time. It takes some time for the realisation of what a lot you've been through to sink in. Initially, you feel as if you are being dragged along with the flow, but after the operation is over and you begin to heal, you have time to yourself to think and ponder over how far you've come.

    It is really great to hear that you have managed to do some light weeding, but be careful not to overdo things. No amount of worry will change the outcome of your results, but I shall be thinking of you on 18th and have everything crossed for good news.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • I had a 'phone call cancelling my appointment; I was told that the scan results are not back yet - talk about stress!

  • I had a 'phone call cancelling my appointment; I was told that the scan results are not back yet - talk about stress!

  • Mary that must be terrible considering how you must have prepared for today ,I can't imagine how you must be feeling the not knowing and the imagining and wondering how much longer ,hopefully its not much longer and hopefully the results will be very good and you won't have to worry anyway , how are you actually feeling now Mary are you getting stronger and being able to do a few more things now ,I hope so we are always here for you so stay in touch x

  • I have done a little more light weeding - literally little! I am trying to be more sensible now and do a little at a time.

    Gradually and more and more, I have been able to say that I have had cancer.

    Did you see the Super Surgeons programme on Tuesday?