Different brands of Letrozole

I was just looking for feedback on how people are coping with their Letrozole tablet side effects please. I started with Sun pharmaceutical brand that hospital supplied and feel ok no side effects. On asking docs for repeat prescription and asking chemist for same brand they can't get hold of it so supplied Accord brand. Does anyone have any feedback to when if any side effects kick in. I have just got used to taking tablets and wanted to stay on same ones really. Thanks 

  • Hi , there is apparently a shortage of Letrozole again! I’ve been on Accord since May , every side effect listed but managing to cope / counteract them , but last script they gave me Sun despite my Gp specifying Accord , but they didn’t have any . Well the difference!!!! Horrid night sweats, hot flushes with a vengeance , itchy scalp , more bone pain and this massive dark cloud and that’s after only 3 days!! I’ve managed to get one box of Accord but dread to think how I would cope on the Sun brand! It’s hard enough dealing with having cancer without this hassle ! Sorry for ranting 

  • Hi can't sleep, and just popped on the chst forum and saw your reply...thank you. 

    Yes cancer is the gift that keeps on giving, I never realised that the after treatments would make you feel so rotten, they don't knform you of all the side effects you get whike taking letrazole.  It's hard at times,, and I was shocked to be told by my oncologist ( that I've never met I. Person,that I'd be on it for 10 yrs,I've 7 more to go. But it is whst it is and you just have to make the most of life,and do what you can do ,and try not to worry that you can't do whst you used to do. We are not brave ,lije everyone seems to think we are,we have no choice. We do what ever we're told to survive .Some days  are better than others are,  and im just grateful I'm.still here.

  • Im the same. The Sun Pharmaceutical is ok but the Accord is almost impossible to live with. Yes Im happy to get on with it and glad to be here. It doesnt need to be this hard. To get it right saves everyone time and money. Its interesting though that people manage on Sun while other Accord. It would be useful to be able to specify brand. It would mean not having to pester the GP.

  • Hi yes totaly agree,it's so hard at times my joint pain is  really bad today ,the colder weather doesn't help ,some dsys are worse than others. But hey ho we're still here,and I keep telling myself this when I get bad dsys like today. Anyway it will be Christmas in a few weeks time so I'm wishing yoi and everyone on this chat forum a very happy merry Christmas,. 

  • I take Magnesium 150 mg twice daily for joint & bone pain ( Lamberts ) It really helps xx Check with your doc though xx

  • Oh yes someone has mentioned it before,and I'd completely forgot about that.  Letrazole does that to Mr lol,I don't remember things like I used to at times. Thanks for the reminder  I'll ask my doctors,we'll the nurse as I'm having a blood  test ,as part of a lmedication  review, which was soposed to have been done in June this year, my gp receptionist  called me and said you need a blood test first  and then a appointment with our pharmacist. So I'll ask about it  speak to the nurse , who may know or ask my gp about it . Thank you .