Different brands of Letrozole

I was just looking for feedback on how people are coping with their Letrozole tablet side effects please. I started with Sun pharmaceutical brand that hospital supplied and feel ok no side effects. On asking docs for repeat prescription and asking chemist for same brand they can't get hold of it so supplied Accord brand. Does anyone have any feedback to when if any side effects kick in. I have just got used to taking tablets and wanted to stay on same ones really. Thanks 

  • Hi Shellie

    Don't get me started on this - my bête noire!

    The letrozole you get is completely random and seems to be up to the suppliers of pharmacies - and probably the kickback they in turn get from the pharmaceutical companies.

    I started off with Cipla from hospital for first month of letrozole.

    Side effects from day 3-5 included slight chest pain, slight headache, light vaginal spotting, and ovary area aches. Nothing to overwhelmingly trouble me, and after 2 weeks all had gone. 

    Hey, this is going to be a doddle I thought! How wrong was I.

    Go to GP to get next 2 months' worth. Am given Manx brand. My God, the difference.

    The main problem was depression hitting like a black cloud, I'd find myself in tears every five minutes and I didn't even know what I was crying about! Also, hair thinning, queasy, unsettled stomach, itchy skin, nausea, burning tongue and lips. Horrendous.

    I had to stop taking it for several weeks.

    I tried to get the Cipla again and went  around a dozen chemists, and none had it. 

    Since then I have tried the Manx again and had Glenmark.

    The main problems now is the absolutely agonising leg joint pain from ankle to hip, and having deveoped ocular hypertension since being on letrozole generally. I have posted elsewhere about this, and from my experience would advise everyone to get regular eye pressure checks while on letrozole, as high pressure in the eyes is symptomless, but may need to be monitored as risk of leading to glaucoma.

    I have not now taken letrozole for a month due to both these. Waiting to hear from my eye doctor what they think. I see oncologist again in May. So I am ar a stalemate in that I am not prepared to risk my eyesight, and I am really having a hard time with the leg pain.

    I think you will find it hard to stay on same brand - my GP even requested Cipla by name on prescription and still I couldn't get - and may find like me you are switched around by what the pharmacy has in stock. I just collected a prescription today for another two months' of letrozole, which is Accord. Heaven knows what side  effects those will bring if I do start taking again!

    I think the side effects may vary between people and of course, what brands they are on. While I haven't had the vaginal spotting or headaches like I had when I first started, I have had different side effects with the different brands, with the leg pain now ongoing for at least 5 or 6 weeks, even though not taken for a month.

    It is such a Russian roulette game with this med, which I never knew before. Makes me angry that you can't get what you ask for, and I don't know if any different if you are a private patient and not NHS? Maybe someone else knows on that.

    Good luck anyway! You may get away with very little problems, don't go solely on my experience as other women will have different stories.

  • Shellie 

    mu experience with tanoxifen is sane different brands cause chaos 

    however my cheninst are amazing and akways get my brand which is tillomed o won't take any other brand but last month they gave me 18 of my brand and 10 of mixed brand owing take these not worth the side effects so that did stress me that every month up until now it's been ok hope the change is not gunna last if I will be not taking any other brand .

    bood luck love Lara ️

  • Thanks for your reply Isabeebee. I was dreading starting these tabs that's why I first asked the chemist if they could get sun pharma brand in..which they said yes, so I then started on them. I have changed today to Accord as they say they can order these. Didn't want to keep having to change, but that hasn't worked so far.  Sorry to hear of your joint pain and your eyes, will defo remember that. 
    so you are on the same tabs as me now - Accord..good luck and thanks for your info x

  • Thanks for post Lara, glad to hear some chemists can get same brand in for you x

  • Oh it's a nightmare!  

    Is anyone's pharmacy able to supply Cipla brand letrozole please?   Or even anastrazole Bristol Labs?

    Friends around the country are asking local pharmacies (so GP can email prescription and they can pick it up for me and post it to me!).  But no joy yet

    I began on Anastazole Bristol Laboratories brand but after the first repeat prescription never been able to get it since.  So got swapped to Letrozole Cipla brand.  Again, great.  Never been able to get it since.  Accord is awful for me as is Sun pharmacy : headaches, depression, nausea, metallic taste and pain and more.

    Pharmacist was rude: 'it's what we get so it's what you get'  even though GP put ONLY CIPLA in prescription.

    I can't find a chemist who can supply it.


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    i had the same problem with tamoxifen can only take tillomed brand , I refused at my chemist counter to take anything else surely they understand the side effects differ crazy from tablet to tablet my brand is zero affects for me I won't take anything else .

    I really understand and hope you can find what suits you lovely 

    best of luck love Lara ️

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    They refused to source any brand other than the one they offered me.  Despite GP saying 'ONLY Cipla' to them.

    Tough luck they said basically.  Even though they were the o ex who first supplied good brand!

    Pharmacist simply told me to phone round all chemists until I found one that supply it ...  

    Bleah.  Not good.




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    Thank you for your kind words, Lara

  • Hi Gillmh, I have been taking letrazole for 8 months now & yes I got Bristol brand 2 months ago in North East Scotland. Previously started on Sun, on to Cipla, then accord. Each time I only get 2 boxes. I expect this is due to the price is expensive I do get free prescriptions though. Not really experiencing any side effects until 5 months in & halogens tongue hot & salty. Dr did blood test found low vit B12 taking that for a month now & changed time of med to after teatime has helped a bit. If tired then that's me not getting out for exercise. If knee aches old injury & age now almost 67. Wishing everyone the best.pip

  • Laraj, did you actually get 28 boxes, or individual tablets.? I get 2 boxes that's 8 weeks every 2 months.  I have an old British formulary of meds. The price per box £100. I think production during pandemic affected availability. Then just incase of side effects or GP change treatment they don't want waste. I live in Scotland where prescriptions are free. If private they'd pay.