Goodbye to 2023, hello 2024....

More than ever, I am thinking of you tonight as we say goodbye to 2023 and enter a new year 2024. For many of you, 2023 has been a difficult year. I think of those of you who have lost a loved one to cancer, or who may have been diagnosed this year or may be going through the anxious wait for tests and results. I hope that you enter 2024 with renewed hopes and that this year will be a fulfilling and happy one. 

If you could talk to 2023 and tell it one last thing, what would it be? (No swearing allowed on the forum ha ha ha)  Could you share just a few words to say goodbye that would sum up this year? And what would you say to 2024 as you open the door and leap into this new year? I look forward to reading your thoughts...

Wishing our lovely Cancer Chat community a very happy New Year and I look forward to being there for you on the forum, year after year, month after month, day after day.

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Until the backend of 2022 I  can honestly say I'd never given cancer a thought even though my Sister had breast cancer around 15 years ago its something that never entered my head until after I had a few tests at the Docs and then getting the call to say your tests are elevated we've set the ball rolling for you to go to the hospital for further tests ,when he mentioned the words Ovarian Cancer I instantly went into shock and started crying sobbing and I couldn't stop ,to keep this short I went for ultra sound Hysteroscopy and Colonoscopy and thankfully although they found few bits and bobs nothing was too serious and no cancer which I'm eternally thankful for ,all of this brought me to this wonderful friendly informative site for all of 2023 ,I'd like to think I've helped a few along the way because there are so many people in need of help or even just a friendly caring listening ear and I hope I can continue to help a few people especially the ones worrying about having the same tests as I had  ,In the meantime 2023 a relative of mine was diagnosed so I'm hoping as she leaps into 2024 that she can live a long time with this evil disease ,"Happy New Year " to everyone on here for helping one another in some small way ,people are so grateful for the advice .

  • Hello Lucie, at the start of the year, i had been on HT for 7 months and was due to have a TURP then RT soon after, My PCa diagnosis is very poor, and limited treatment options but i was doing well physically. I had a scan before surgery which showed my cancer had spread despite being on HT, and i seriously thought about stopping treatment after the TURP, as like i said i felt really well and life was good and knew my time was short anyway. The week before my Op i was at  my local cancer drop in centre and was chatting away and i mentioned my dilemma to the group "we are all terminal" and it turns out my thoughts are not unusual and they told me to go and see Claire, ex oncology nurse now counsellor. Luckily she had a cancellation and could see me straight away, "i doubt if i had had to make an appointment i would have bothered", Best thing i did all year. did RT, apart from PSA down to 0.08 i do not know anything else, October annual heart MOT, my cardiologist, "who was against surgery and chemo" told me of a new way of surgery that uses very small amounts of anaesthetic "my heart and anaesthetic don't get along" and we could fix some of my heart issues so chemo becomes an option. 3 Ops done 1 to go, feel really good and, fingers crossed treatment and a little longer, My message is don't give up hope please take care, Eddie

  • What a great uplifting post Eddiel ,its amazing what you can learn just by chatting to someone ,I hope you go from strength to strength and have a great new year x

  • Hello Jenny and thank you, i still have counselling but not as often. have a wonderful new year. take care, Eddie