I am due to start chemotherapy for breast cancer. 

Please could any share their experiences.  I'm a nervous wreck, unsure whether to carry on working etc... scared of the side effects etc.

Is the pain really bad?

Any experience would be much appreciated. 

Thank you 

  • That's shocking, as if chemo isn't bad enough. I hope you get it sorted sending you lots of love ️ 

  • Had my appointment with my NEW oncologist and a total difference from that awful one I saw.

    I will be getting 1 treatment of chemotherapy a week, with 3wks off, for 12wks.

    Then 1 a week for 9 wks.

    They are getting things started. Had my letter through for making an appointment to get a wig fitted but I don't think I will do it. I think I will be too emotional xx

  • I'm glad you have had a better experience with your new Oncologist. 

    I know what you mean.  It is emotional.  Is there someone you could take with you for emotional support? Xx

    I'm pleased that things are going in the right direction for you. At least you now know what you are dealing with in terms of treatment. 

    My next chemotherapy is tomorrow. I know what to expect in terms of side effects.  I think once you have had a couple of treatments,  you will be prepared for the next one , emotionally more than anything xx

    I'm on morphine now but that's only because I've put a complaint in.  Prior to this, no one wanted to take responsibility of prescribing me medication.  Got an xray today because no movement in my right hand. 

  • My sister, but I'm still undecided about making the appointment. 

    First chemo tomorrow, got fitted for the cold cap on friday when i was there for bloods etc.

    At least after tomorrow I will know how everything goes.

    Sadly my sister is away on holiday as we never thought the appointment for chemo would come through so quickly so I'm on my own, a friend is dropping me off and picking me up.

    Got a heart scan at the end of May.

    How are you doing regards side effects?

    The morphine... that's shocking, especially in this day and age!

    Hopefully they can sort out your hand, that's scary stuff xx

  • How are you doing?

    I had my first chemo on Wednesday and used the cold cap. Though i wake up expecting to find my hair on my pillow!

    I feel constantly nauseous and very tired but that's about it. I've slept more than anything else in the two days since my first chemo.

    They couldn't get the line in on my hand so had to use the hand of the side I had the two lumpectomies, besides that and the first 10 mins of pain with the cap, it was OK.

    Hope your doing OK xx

  • I am due to see my oncologist for the next steps so nervous sorry I can’t share but hope you ok

  • Hope it all goes well for you Orla x

  • Glad the cold cap went well for you. I've noticed after about a week after chemo,  the nausea stops and you're feeling better. 

    That's a shame that you had to have the 1st chemotherapy without anyone there. My last two was by myself. 

    I hope you have more energy as the week goes on xx

    The pain in my hand is unbearable.  Saw a tissue Viability Nurse on Monday when I had my chemotherapy and she gave me cream to  speed up the healing process.  She said it will get worse before it gets better. She was right, my hand looks awful and in constant pain.  I just don't want to become reliant on the Morphine xx