Impact of COVID-19 in adults with cancer in the UK

We are conducting a funded research project to better understand the impact of COVID-19 and government restrictions on the physical activity and mental health of adults living with cancer and other long term conditions in the UK. The aim of the project is to assess the impact of physical distancing/self-isolation/shielding on physical activity behaviour and mental health.

We are launching an online survey aimed specifically at adults living with cancer and other long term conditions in the UK. The online survey comprises the following sections/questionnaires that measures: Sociodemographic data, such as gender, ethnicity, or educational level, long term condition (cancer and/or others) related information, physical activity related information, COVID-19 related information, well-being, overall quality of life, depression and anxiety during COVID-19 period, and types, intensity and duration of physical activity.

Based on our previous research experience, we estimate that the completion of the survey will take an average of 20 minutes per participant.

The link for the online survey is the following: 

  • Following years not dating I met a lady between lockdowns she persuaded me to move in with her.     I have a disability of anxiety and depression ...I had to flee from an abusive girlfriend who was very manipulative, controling , attempts to push family away from myself  and exploit myself and financial abuse. Then following discovery of a lump on my testicle accused myself of having an sti. Immediately ruled out by gp 

    I had to move GP as result .due to covid the communications was appalling ...the increased stress I had to chase myself . Attitudes from GP was it is my mental health ..and dismissal of symptoms until the ultra sound scan result revealed a solid abnormal lump on the tube above my testicle. It took nearly a month to have specialist apt...then another ultra sound re new GP.   The hospital ultra sound was brilliant and as notes also said I was to have a CT scan they spoke with colleagues and immediately did my CT scan at the same time.  This was now 3weeks ago. No updates even though I phoned for results.

    I continue to be having severe pains ..... All tests so far has been neg but await CT and ultra sound results ...I was told my lump was very unusual and the reason for CT scan the same day.  Tramadol does not help with the pain ....I keep having to phone in sick to work as I feel tired for days following even one day of work. Not knowing places increased anxiety and depressive symptoms on hope is benign but due to the pain some surgery is needed. Further embarrassment and feeling of loss of dignity.  Covid is important to be sensible but is now being used as escapism for already overstretched NHS services at our expense.....hopefully not to the extent of costing us our life.. .human rights issues evolving