Suddenly itchy mole really worried

Advice please, the few moles I have are pink and raised. Never been a problem until now , had them all my adulthood. Now one has decided to change, become very itchy beyond belief and gets crusty,  it is just tucked under my right breast not even really sitting on bra line . So why now has it started to change .,? Is there anything I could put on it until I get my referal appointment is dribing me mad ! 

  • Hi Trishh,

    I can only suggest that you put something like E45 itch cream or calamine lotion on it to try and quell the itching. I hope you get a referral through quickly and it's something innocent. Let us know how you get on.

    Angie (melanoma patient)

  • Hello Trishh, I'd suggest speaking to a pharmacist or your GP if it's something you having a referral for.  

    I had a raised mole that turned itchy, it was removed and biopsied and proved to be benign. Glad I had it investigated in any case. Hope you get your appointment soon.

    regards, gamechanger

  • Hi there xx 

    Sorry to read about this trouble. I was urgently referred for a mole that looked highly suspicious but it turned out to be nothing xx 

    As already suggested, calamine always helps me with skin complaints xx and a trip to the pharmacy might help (I went once for a terrible allergic reaction - very itchy- I cannot for the life of me remember the cream they gave me (have googled but can’t find it) but it did stop the itch...and so they do have things available) xx

  • Thank you x.  I saw  a dermatologist recently when I had hard lump on my leg that never goes butjust keeps crusting over, I was given baneum urea cream but still the same . Now I've got these moles, and now itchy skin all over skin all the time . With rashes, I fear they are all connected. As I have recently lost a stone snd a half unintentionally so weigh now 8!st 8   And they say I'm depressed because I've always  hot something wrong . But I've always  got uti s , rapid  hard heartbeat .

  • Hello Trishh,

    What happened with your moles?

    A couple of things you wrote resonated with me.

    The first was the itchy skin with rashes, the second the weight loss, then the potential depression, the "always got something wrong", the UTIs and the heartbeat.

    I had all of these things along with a tonne more (apart from that I could never lose weight, I later found out this was excessive water retention)

    I also happened to have developped abdominal bloating and other IBS symptoms, and eventually I tried a really strict gluten free diet for 3 weeks to see if it helped with that. While it DID slowly help with that, what I really noticed what the difference it made to the rest of my health which I hadn't even imagined to be connected, my rashes and blotchy skin, these weird tiny bumps (pilaris keratosis) vanished, my anxiety, racing thought, fast heartbeat, my water retention went (upon which my weight started finally going down, I was mostly water!), my mood improved, I started having clarity of thought, what had felt like constant repeated UTIs went, I started sleeping better... It was a revelation! So the more I've found out the more I realise that for much of the population grains cause immflammation, which effects many of us in different ways and makes us ill.

    That was 2 years ago, I'm actually now completely grainfree and dairy free and amazingly healthier. It is sometimes a bind, I loved bread and pasta and cakes and biscuits, milk and cheese and rice pudding... *sigh* as much as anyone, probably more! But in my case, for the mental health alone it is worth it a thousand times over!

    I've challenged myself and tested what I can tolerate and it is definitely this. I know it sounds like a crazy fad but then hundreds of thousands of people are living this way and staying this way despite the faff - you think we're all following "a fad" at this cost? Just trial it a few weeks and see how you feel (but be really strict, if you're doing it you might as well do it well to be absolutely certain, eat nothing that isn't specifically listed as gluten free or actual fruit or actual veg/meat etc)

    I do hope you'll give it a go and it will help you!

    Best wishes!