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Hi all I would really appreciate your thoughts/experience. Since mid December I have been feeling a pressure like feeling in back passage area along with straining when I pass stools. There is intermittent mild pain almost like a pulsating pain. I have had streaks of bright red blood on toilet paper a couple of times but no bleeding from rectum or mixed in with poo. I Constantly feel as though I haven’t full evacuated and like something is stuck there. I have had bouts of diarrhoea in between but they usually only last for a few hours or at most a day. What is concerning me is that my stools are thinner not pencil thin or ribbon like but definitely narrower. I have suffered from bowel issues for Years especially constipation but GP always put it down to IBS and advised to drink more water and increase fiber intake. My GP doesn’t take me at seriously and puts my symptoms down to stress/anxiety So earlier this month I self referred to a colorectal surgeon whom I saw a couple of weeks ago. He said that although my symptoms are “vague” he is concerned about the pressure I’m experiencing. so I will be having MRI and scope but on NHS as I cannot afford private investigations. When I asked him if I should be worried he said at present time it’s impossible for him to say. I am stressing myself out as I work in cancer services and so am convincing myself it’s either anal or rectal cancer! I suffer from anxiety and in particular health anxiety I know google doesn’t help but only thing To explain my symptoms is the big C word...I’m due to start a new job in 2 weeks timing couldn’t be worse. All thoughts and advice welcome.

  • Thanks for reply fats...I don’t have any external poles not sure whether there are any internal though. Yes the pain is like a dull kind of ache but more of a pulsating/throbbing kind of pain rather than sharp. Pain is intermittent and infrequent and only lasts for a few seconds with intervals. It’s not a constant pain but comes and goes. The pain is not so concerning for me more I’m more worried about the pressure sensation which is there all the time. I am going to be investigated but as I had initially seen the colorectal surgeon privately and now having the tests done on NHS it’s going to be a bit of a delay getting the ball rolling. I do hope it is a polyp!

  • Hi fats yes the pain exactly how you describe however I’ve not had any bleeding I would have thought with piles bleeding would occur? It’s the pressure symptoms and constipation which worries me

  • Hi, 

    Did you ever get any answers as your symptoms are almost exactly like mine!


  • Hi Stef I am still awaiting investigations, colonoscopy and MRI as an likely to be in May. Do you mind me asking what your exact symptoms are?

  • Not in the slightest - happy to share!

    So, after a 48 stomach flu with explosive diarrhea, my bowels were, for about two or three weeks, mostly mushy although my diet was shocking as I was so stressed. I think I had one formed stool in three weeks and was over the moon!

    I had a DRE and that was fine, but I don't take 100% comfort from that as I don't think a finger can reach the upper part of the rectum?

    Anyway, I started adding more fibre into my diet and my stools gradually become more solid, with one explosive moment in between. At the moment, I obsess over every movement and examine it afterwards which isn't good for your mental health! So, sometimes I will have what I consider a thin stool (the width of my thumb) and I'll panic, then the next day I'll have a normal, solid, number 4 Holy Grail on the Bristol Scale chart and think 'well if it's a tumour, stools wouldn't get bigger only more narrow' and tumours don't move up and down in size so if the stool size is varied then it must not be a tumour, but that comforting thought lasts about ten minutes! So right now my stools could be anything, thinner, fatter, sometimes loose, then sometimes I'll pass a rock hard stool the size of a mini Swiss Roll. All over the place basically!

    I've never had any bleeding either in the stool or on the paper. 

    In terms of the pressure in the rectum, it's hard to describe. It comes goes. I just feel like something is there if that makes sense? Sometimes it feels relieved when I pass gas. Other times it's non existent. Other times it feels like I want to have a movement, but not urgently so that I rush to the toilet and nothing happens. It's just a dull, pressure sensation.

    I also get mild scrotum and lower back pain (I had a back MRI and it was largely fine, no sign of anything nasty) it can be slightly painful to ejaculate (sorry to be graphic!) and I urinate a tremendous amount. Blood and stool tests both normal. 

    No weight loss, loss of appetite or fatigue in any way, although my stress levels are absurdly high and spending six hours a day, all day, on Google, is my norm. 

    In the course of any given day I can write myself as terminal rectal cancer to having IBS to having IBS with prostatitis to anything!

    I will add that if my stress is focused on something ie my back, my stool, rectal pressure etc the symptoms seem worse. Psychological maybe? As soon as I had the MRI on my back, I stopped thinking about it and the pain greatly diminished. 

    I've paid privately to get a colonoscopy tomorrow (I had one just shy of five years ago and not even a polyp was found so if it's cancer it must be aggressive, in my rationale anyway) so I will, of course, let you know! 

  • Feel free to friend and message me if you want.

    Is your stool always thin or does it fluctuate? 

  • So, had a scope yesterday and all was fine, no sign of anything cancerous, just some minor inflammation, maybe from the Moviprep to clean the bowels! I know myself when you search these forums it's always comforting to find people with similar symptoms but not everyone updates with their post-colonoscopy results so hopefully it gives some reassurance to others!

  • Hi there,

    can I jump in on this thread please.  Sounds very similar to what I am experiencing right now.  

    How did you get on in May? X

  • How did things go in May.  Your story very similar to mine just now.  

  • Hi. I have similar to above ie pressure and discomfort in rectum area and thin stools. I’m due to have an ultra sound next week. About 6 years ago I had an cancerous polop removed in that area and had 5 years of follow up with the consultant but didn’t experience any pain with that. I too am convinced the pressure could be something serious and also feel the need to pass urine all the time. My doctor didn’t seemed that worried either so I went to a private doctor and was told I had loose skin in the anus area which should be investigated by the consultant I was previously seeing. I now have to wait (non urgent my doctor told me) for a re referral. I’m so worried and in pain every day. I’m going to contact the consultants secretary again to see if they can push an appointment through quicker. I  keep imagining all sorts of horrible things and it’s stessing me out. Anyone out there with any suggestions for me. Thank you