Left breast concerns

I visited my GP on Wednesday and she’s referred me to the breast clinic under the 28 day pathway.

I’ve been experiencing increasing breast pain the last few months. It began somewhat interminttently, a few times a week. It felt like the let down reflex you get when breastfeeding, but I haven’t breastfed for 7 years. Then the symptoms increased so I was given a course of thrush treatment, then antibiotics in case of infection. Then in the last 6 weeks or so I’ve noticed an intense uptick of symptoms. My breast is always painful. Sometimes it’s worse, like at night, it will wake me up. It’s always there though. My nipple has started to retract. I noticed this back in January but thought nothing of it at the time apart from, that’s a bit weird it’s never done that before. My right side is naturally inverted so I wasn’t too worried. But now, my left nipple is always extremely sensitive to anything. Cold air, clothing, touch, water jets in the shower etc.

i have deep pain in my breast but can’t feel any lumps that I would call unusual. I admittedly, have been bad at checking my breasts prior to the past 6 months. Now I check every few days.

other symptoms include changes in shape to the area around my nipple. It’s thicker at the top and has a puckered appearance if that makes sense?

as far as redness, there isn’t any. Everything looks normal except for the nipple collapsing in on itself and the areola growing in size and thickness. I usually have a small areola that’s not very feelable. Now I can definitely feel it.

also, I’m still getting the let down feelings and tingling pains in my nipples as well as the deep aching pain.

i know this is long and I’m sorry. I just want to reach out to other women who might be experiencing the same thing.

what should I do with myself while I wait for the breast clinic to get in touch?

will they take a biopsy and if not automatic, should I push for one?

should I ask about a mammogram?

i’m only 34 and I have 5 kids between 17 and 7. I need this sorting.

thanks, if you’ve read this far.

  • I 'm sorry to hear that you may have a long wait to see a consultant and I know how awful that is.  I had to keep myself fully occupied for my 24 days wait and the only thing you can do is not to dwell on what might happen when you get your appointment.  I had been told by my GP that cancer was probable after a concerning ct scan so fortunately I had been warned of the outcome.

    The initial diagnosis is a relief because I am sure I shall be given appropriate treatment

    I had the full works - mammogram ,ultrasound and core biopsies and am now waiting to hear in a few days' time the type of cancer and its stage. I don't think you have to ask for these tests as the hospital will arrange for them if necessary

    Like you, I had breast pain but no other symptom except aching under the arm which I presumed wrongly to be an inflammation of the rib cage

    I am so sorry to hear that you are of a young age and have children to look after. I am eighty but am the carer of a sick husband who has had stomach cancer and an awful gallbladder operation which has left him very weak and completely dependent on me. However, I am certain that you will be given every care and good treatment when you have your diagnosis. Try not to worry!

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  • Sorry to hear about your aches & pains. I was referred to the breast clinic in January. On the first appointment you will be asked to fill in a form about your medical history, then a mammogram and ultrasound scan. They might take a biopsy while you are in the scan room. Take someone with you so that they can hear the information too, as you can't always take everything in by yourself as you are going to naturally nervous. Best wishes with it all, don't try to pre-guess, just go with the flow or you will get too stressed which isn't good for you or your family xx 

  • Thank you for your kind words. I hope you get your results soon and you are able to choose the best course of actions for you. I’ll be thinking of you and your husband in my prayers if you don’t mind?

  • Thank you. I was wondering if my husband would be able to attend with me. Good to know they might do some of the tests on the day. How are you doing now? Xx

  • I'm ok thank you. I had a lump removed which was cancer but it hadn't spread. I'm having five days of radiotherapy starting next week to prevent it returning and I have to take tablets for the next five years to also prevent it returning. I've met a few ladies who had the same as me up to 20 years ago. Two are in their eighties now. So this has given me lots of hope and positivity.

    Let's hope your appointment goes well and you don't have anything to worry about x

  • That is very much appreciated. My results will be given to me on Friday.  I have done a lot of gardening today to take my mind off the inevitable!  A bit of fresh air is a wonderful boost to mind and body. I hope you get your letter soon. Best wishes.