Digital Rectal Exam

Hello. Just a quick question. When you have a digital rectal exam (mainly for bleeding issues), would the doctor notice if there were any problems with the prostate? 

  • Hello Phil80

    A DRE can be used to see if you have a prostate problem but it would be best if you spoke with the Dr who carried out the examination about your question as they will be able to confirm their findings. 

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  • Hi Phil80 and welcome to the forum, I had a DRE and the GP told me immediately i had prostate cancer PCa, confirmed soon after by a blood test, if your doctor thought there was the slightest possibility of cancer he would have taken a blood sample immediately and referred you to urology as has been the case with everyone i know with PCa, as Moderator Jenn has said speak with the doctor. Eddie

  • Hi. Thanks for the reply but I was just wondering if you have a DRE for another issue, but there was a problem with the prostate, would the doctor notice that or does a prostate check require a separate DRE check?