Does MDT meeting mean bad news?

Hi everyone, I had my appointment on Tuesday where I had the marble size lump on my upper outer portion of my left breast looked at, I was given an ultrasound which was deemed as U3 and 3 core biopsies were taken. I was booked in for a telephone call for the following Wednesday (next week) to go through the results when they come back. I called up today to ask if there had been any results and the secretary said the results are back but are scheduled to be discussed at the MTD meeting this afternoon, and obviously she can’t discuss any results with me. I’m now worrying that it means they have found something sinister since it’s been discussed at the MTD meeting. 

can anyone share their experiences with what it means if the results have to be discussed by the MDT meeting please. Very anxious as I wait to hear something back.

thank you x x

  • No not necessarily MDT means multi disciplinary team. A group of people that will discuss/review a your results. It could be to discuss any future action, it could be to have it looked at to make sure the correct outcome or to see if the lump needs removed. Really it’s a meeting to discuss findings good or bad so you are given the correct answers either way… lots of medical appointments are discussed MDT my daughter had her finger xrayed and was told it wasn’t broken but all x-rays are now viewed by MDT I was called back for slight fracture xx

  • Thank you Elrio12, that makes sense, I am a chronic worrier and just need to remember that it’s likely nothing but even if it is, at least I am getting it dealt with x

  • This has puzzled me since I was given a leaflet by a gynae nurse in June. Under the heading The Multidisciplinary Team is the following: When you have a diagnosis of cancer, a team of health professionals, known as the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) will manage your care. The MDT is made up of a number of health professionals which include  a consultant histopathologist, consultant radiologists, medical consultant oncologists, surgeons and nurse specialists.


  • Thank you for the reply Mary, that’s what worried me, whatever I had read about it was in relation to working out treatment plans for new cancer diagnosis/ongoing treatment plans etc so it made me wonder if them needing to discuss my results at the mdt meeting meant they have found something that requires treatment x x

  • Exactly. It is scary. However, I have not had a diagnosis yet so I don't think I should even have been given that leaflet which has worried me ever since. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Ah I hope you get answers soon too, the waiting is totally the worst! X x

  • Morning, I have just called the secretaries to see if there was any change to my scheduled telephone call booked for Wednesday following the MDT meeting on Friday and she said at the moment it is all still on for Wednesday morning to I am taking that as a positive that it has not been changed to an in person appointment, here is hoping it stays that way as I cant imagine they would deliver negative results over the phone x

  • I was told that no results are given over the 'phone, but maybe it varies in different areas.

    Good luck for Wednesday.

  • Becs sounds promising xxx I got all crossed for you x 

  • Fingers crossed for tomorrow.