Does MDT meeting mean bad news?

Hi everyone, I had my appointment on Tuesday where I had the marble size lump on my upper outer portion of my left breast looked at, I was given an ultrasound which was deemed as U3 and 3 core biopsies were taken. I was booked in for a telephone call for the following Wednesday (next week) to go through the results when they come back. I called up today to ask if there had been any results and the secretary said the results are back but are scheduled to be discussed at the MTD meeting this afternoon, and obviously she can’t discuss any results with me. I’m now worrying that it means they have found something sinister since it’s been discussed at the MTD meeting. 

can anyone share their experiences with what it means if the results have to be discussed by the MDT meeting please. Very anxious as I wait to hear something back.

thank you x x