Sinking in breast when lifting arms

I'm originally from the UK but living in Ireland at the moment. I noticed last Thursday when getting out of the shower that when I raised my arm I got a dent appear at the bottom of my left breast. 

I wasn't sure if I was seeing things so I asked my partner on Saturday if he could see it as well. When he said he could, I went in to panic mode.

Unfortunately the health care is shot in Ireland and we haven't got a GP so I had to go and see an out of house on call doctor. Luckily I was seen that afternoon (Saturday) and I was seen by a doctor and a nurse. Both got me to raise my arm and immediately said, yes you need to be seen. 

We spent the best part of Monday calling clinics in Ireland that will accept a letter from an out of hours doctors and luckily found one to be told that the wait is 6 weeks unless the nurses deem it necessary to bring you in early. 

A letter arrived yesterday asking me to go for my appointment next Thursday and now I'm not sure how to feel. Happy I don't have to wait but also scared they feel I need to be seen. I've had a right wobble today. 

How does everyone else deal with waiting. Has anyone got puckering as well? 

  • Let’s hope it’s not and no amount of worry will change it , but one thing I will say is that for me it wasn’t all that bad I worked right through I never let it get me for one minute I stood up to it and flew through it , my mind was positive and still is and I’m 13 months on xx 

  • HI GoonerGirl,

    The doctor is right. Treatments have made great advances in the past few years. I lost my mum to secondary breast cancer. When I was first diagnosed, I expected the same awful journey. As it turned out, I have had 2 bouts of cancer since we lost mum and there was just no comparison at all between the diagnosis, treatment and after care that we both had. I am still her 14 years after diagnosis. I still lead a busy and fulfilling life. Here's hoping that all turns out well for you and for Lebell.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Hey Lebell. How are you feeling? Have you had any news on your biopsy results yet xx

  • How are you feeling today GoonerGirl? Xx

  • Hi Bobbins,

    how are you today? 

    not yet, I rang in Tuesday and she said my name was on the list to be discussed at the meeting but that my results weren’t back so they wouldn’t be discussing me that day. The breast care nurse rang me Tuesday afternoon and said she has put me down to go in on Friday afternoon, however that’s only providing my results are back in time, she said she will call me by 12 on Friday if they are not back, and if I don’t hear anything to go in for 2 to get my results. So I’m crossing my fingers they are back but the consultant strikes are stressing me just incase the meeting gets cancelled xxx

  • How are feeling about your appointment tomorrow? I have my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Sorry this was also for goonergirl68 lol xx

  • Ahhh, I really hope they are back in time. Is it the 29th you go? Sounds like they'll have them back in time for that, though? I've all my fingers and toes crossed but if nothing else at least you'll have your answers and a plan. Sending you lots of love and hugs x

  • Thank you, I am absolutely drained, it's unreal and just want tomorrow to be here now. I keep checking my breast to see if it's sorted itself out but nope. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. Xx

  • I really hope so it will be a week and half since they were done so I really hope so. The nurse was lovely though and told me not to worry and that I was on her radar and she wouldn’t forget about me, she also said she will be present at my appointment (not sure what that means or if that’s normal:/ xx