Sinking in breast when lifting arms

I'm originally from the UK but living in Ireland at the moment. I noticed last Thursday when getting out of the shower that when I raised my arm I got a dent appear at the bottom of my left breast. 

I wasn't sure if I was seeing things so I asked my partner on Saturday if he could see it as well. When he said he could, I went in to panic mode.

Unfortunately the health care is shot in Ireland and we haven't got a GP so I had to go and see an out of house on call doctor. Luckily I was seen that afternoon (Saturday) and I was seen by a doctor and a nurse. Both got me to raise my arm and immediately said, yes you need to be seen. 

We spent the best part of Monday calling clinics in Ireland that will accept a letter from an out of hours doctors and luckily found one to be told that the wait is 6 weeks unless the nurses deem it necessary to bring you in early. 

A letter arrived yesterday asking me to go for my appointment next Thursday and now I'm not sure how to feel. Happy I don't have to wait but also scared they feel I need to be seen. I've had a right wobble today. 

How does everyone else deal with waiting. Has anyone got puckering as well? 

  • Bobbins 

    sorry you are going through the worry 

    it’s just best to get this checked hopefully all will be ok good luck love Lara xx 

  • Hi, I just had my referral appointment yesterday. I noticed a lump, and the same as you I had puckering in my breast when raising my arms. I have to say my hospital appointment yesterday found a solid lump on both my ultrasound and mammogram (I’m only 38) and they then done biopsies, it wasn’t great news but have to wait 2 weeks for the biopsy result before they can confirm. Please don’t let this scare you because there can be so many other things that could cause it, but I totally know how you feel in waiting, it’s torture.

    please let us know how you get in your appointment and I am crossing my fingers your result is better than mine. Sending best wishes x

  • Oh Lebell84. I'm so sorry, I think this wait it bad but I'm sure the 2 weeks post biopsy is worse. How are you doing?  I'm 38 too, actually my 39th tomorrow. I can't feel a lump myself, do you mind my asking where they managed to feel yours? Do you have any pain at all? I was only really checking myself because I've had pain under my arm but so many people have said that that's a good sign. X

  • Hi Bobbins,

    happy Birthday for tomorrow I hope you have a lovely day (at least it may take your mind off the wait a little bit) x

    i’m not too bad, my lump was on my lower left breast, just below the nipple, I had/have no pain, I also sleep on my front and had no pain just occasional discomfort so I agree I think some pain is a good sign.

    the wait is awful and I find chatting on here to others in a similar situation allows you to vent concerns or frustration, we’re all here whenever you need to chat xx

  • Hi Bobbins,

    I have the same as you- puckering under my breast when I lift my arms. I had a breast clinic appointment today and the doctor was able to feel a lump, and I’m having my mammogram and ultrasound on Monday. I’m expecting bad news, but have to try to stay positive. I’m the same as you in that getting a very quick appointment made me even more anxious! Let us know how you get on. Lots of love and luck to you xx

  • Hi Lebell84,

    I just wanted to wish you best wishes for whatever lies ahead for you. I hope your wait for results isn’t too long xx

  • Hi Goonergirl68,

    thank you yours seems to be very similar to mine, I also only had a week in between my GP appointment and my breast clinic appointment, luckily I had my Ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy done in the same day I’m so sorry you are having to wait to have these done, the good news is that they are booked in and hopefully you will be absolutely fine. Please keep up updated of how you get on on Monday, all the best I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Ladies 

    I had a breast cancer   Diagnosis in July 22 in fully back to crazy life and have been since January23  in here to help or chat if you need me best of luck to you all love Lara xxx