Positive fit test and colonoscopy result.

Hi,Id just like to share my experiences that ive been through over the last few weeks for the benefit of people who are going through the same thing.

Im a 50 year old male and I recently had a fit test result of 16. Not massively over but over nonetheless. Immediately I'm thinking the worse and I was convinced I had bowel cancer. I'd noticed blood whilst wiping on the odd occasion which I'd never seen before. My other symptoms were a change in my toilet habits and occasionally I'd get stomach pains. I'm going to sound like a hypocrite here but stay off Google as it sent me doolally! My anxiety was worsened as well by a work colleague who's recently had bowel cancer but has since made a full recovery. 

Just because your fit test is high it doesn't mean you have cancer. It could be lots of things. Believe me I was the world's worst at being anxious to the point that it made me I'll. Share your thoughts with family and this forum helped me as well.

I had my colonoscopy today. They were really nice and helpful and made me feel totally at ease. The pre examination drink was fowl but I split my drinks into quarter measures and had one every 15 minutes,then the other 4 a few hours later. Be warned though, don't stray to far from a toilet. My colonoscopy was ok, I had the sedation and barely felt anything. They found I had internal piles,4 polops that they removed and I also have colitis. Apparently the colitis can cause slight bleeding. It's quite enflamed down there which I now have to take suppositories for the next month to hopefully get it back to normal. 

Don't be Afraid it could be anything and you really need to have the colonoscopy to give you the all clear and peace of mind.

Good luck and thank you to the good people on here who helped me. 

Take care. 


  • Thats great news that you don't have to wait long for his surgery. I will be thinking of you on Monday hope it goes well and he doesn't need a stoma. Let us know how he is when you can xx

  • That's great news on the tests like you say I suppose thats why they want to do it via colonoscopy which I suppose is a good sign. Bless you just a shame they haven't said when the colonoscopy is going to be as you were expecting surgery next week weren't you. Let's hope it's soon for you so it's out of you. I feel for you it's awful for you bless you. 

    I'm in Leicestershire waiting listing must be awful. I've been poorly now since July now it's awful all the waiting. I just want to know what's wrong and what is causing the pain xx

  • Hiya Amanda, they rang me today and said 2 to 4 weeks for the colonoscopy removal and also sent a letter which does set out might not work and might well need surgery still...so some more waiting...which is so rubbish...

    Oh goodness that is so long you been waiting..are you working or signed off? I've been off for a few weeks now.. will see what my GP says next week whether better to go back to work whilst waiting.. I'm in North Norfolk..you must need some flipping answers bless you as so long to wait to find things out and stop the pain xx

  • Ah Helen that's awful bless you more waiting for you. Then to be told it might not work either is awful for you. I feel for you I really do. Let's just hope it does and they get it via the colonoscopy and your appointment comes through really quickly. I feel sometimes that hospitals forget we are people and not just numbers!!

    I'm on the sick I'm in too much pain to work. I can't stand and walk for longer than 5 minutes. I bet your GP will sign you off until after your procedure it's alot to cope with. 

    You lucky thing I love North Norfolk we cone to that area all the time to holiday. We came to Old Hunstanton for my 50th birthday celebrations with the whole family we rented a huge house and stayed there. There was 14 at one point. Love it there so beautiful xx

  • Hi Amanda, sorry for delayed reply, my phone was being repaired..so sorry hearing you in so much pain,  I hope your GP has signed you off? And gives you something for the pain too...I agree sometimes forgetting we are people as leaving someone in pain for a long time just doesn't seem right to me..

    I've now been told procedure not till 8th Jan which is so v v far away...not sure what to do re GP and work but my head been a bit over the place with it all..

    Yes North Norfolk is so beautiful and Old Hunstanton is a lovely place, quite different from the new one. I like the coastal villages around there like Brancaster and Burnham Market etc..

    Sounds like a fab thing to have done on your 50th!!! Hopefully you'll get some treatment and a diagnosis too of course to be able to plan nice trips again..fingers crossed xx

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    Oh my goodness Helen that’s a long wait, I’d take it that their not too worried if they make you wait that long but I’d still phone the nurse if you have her number and ask why the long wait and tell her your worried about it. 
    Good luck Amanda, I hope things get sorted very soon, it’s not nice been in pain.  Xx

  • Oh no Helen that's awful and such a long way away. Bless you I'm not surprised your head is all over the place. How long has it been already since you were told has it been about 4 weeks. But like Sue has said they mustn't be too worried though to leave you that long. 

    Yes there are some beautiful villages around there I agree. I love Wells too. So lovely.

    I hope so I can't wait to come back to Norfolk to see the sea I love the sea it's my happy place xx

  • Thank you Sue. How is Mart getting on xx

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    Hi Sue, I was going to ring them but I got a call from them this morning moving my date til 11th December which is better - the nurse said they were asked to bring the date forward - not sure why but am glad its not too long to wait to find out if it is possible to remove that way or if i'll need surgery..xx

  • Yes i guess they not too worried but i've replied to Sue above and date is now 11th December - I don't know if it is because they want to try this method sooner rather than later as i'd then potentially need surgery booking in and so that will mean things have gone on for quite a while - given they found it in early October... 

    Hope you get to come back to Norfolk soon - I have been walking at the coast whilst i've been off as is happy place for me too and I find walking helps when I start worrying about my health and what's going to happen...xx