Breast lump has grown waiting for BC asking for experiences

Hey everyone, I found a breast lump a few weeks ago went gp after it didn't go away and have been referred to the breast clinic under the 2 week pathway and have my appointment on the 14th, my lump can be felt like underneath my areola the gp said it felt nodular, its very hard and not so much a round lump, my question is I have been trying not to touch it and had a feel today and it feels a bit bigger, easier to find without pushing down as much and just feels a bit different, could this be a good thing that it's a cyst or fibroadenoma if it has grown a bit in the past few weeks? Or has anyone had a cancerous lump that has grown or felt different in a couple weeks time? And has anyone had a cancerous lump so close or under their areola, I'm dreading if they need to take a biopsy I know you get numbed but ahh 

Thank you

  • ddd 

    good luck for your appointment it's best to get the lump checked and you can then settle , lots of lumps are not cancer here's hoping this is the case for you .

    best of luck let us no how you get on 

    love Lara Heart

  • Thank you so much Lara Heart

  • No problem lovely akways here to help or chat Heart

    how are you feeling ? 

  • You're so kind thank you Heart️ I've felt a lot more chill now I have a date to be seen I've just been trying to put it to the back of my mind for now haha I'm a single mum to 2 so they keep me busy :laugh: I'm just so incredibly exhausted never felt tired like this! Gp did full bloods and thyroid, vitamins etc a couple months ago only thing was low folic acid so been on tablets but it's made no difference to my exhaustion so hoping that it's not a sign of cancer!  Hope you're well Heart

  • ddd 

    the worry is horrendous the wait is the worst thing however when you get your appointment you do sort of calm down , the wait is probably making you tired as it's stressful too .

    I can imagine you are very busy with your family . 
    I feel here lots of ladies have all different signs different lumps and different symptoms and some come back clear others get diagnosed it's crazy .

    for me I couldn't feel any lump just a heaviness or was early stage and very small but I was shocked l the same but was so happy I got it eariy and got the treatment needed . 
    Is your appointment soon ? Heart

  • So true, I am the most impatient person ever haha so waiting is so difficult! My appointment isn't until the 14th still feels forever away so just trying to not think about it for now :happy: 

    I'm so glad yours was early and treated, I'm sorry you had to go through it all though I really hope you never have to again Heart


  • Ddd 

    yes I'm impatient too lol 

    but the 14 th is not long now just try and keep busy busy as you possibly can .

    I will pray that you will be ok it's a good chance you will be for sure but we are all the same always imagine it to be bad news and it's not the case the majority in breast clinics turn out good news but we are human and can't help it .

    love Lara Heart

  • Thank you so much Lara Heart️ your words have helped a lot

  • Ddd 

    im glad I've helped but I'm always here to chat or help stay positive lovely , you haven't got much longer now to wait bless you HeartHeart️ 


  • Hi lara hope you're okay! 

    Just been to my breast clinic appointment, not really been that reassured, they felt the hard lump and went for an ultrasound which only lasted a minute, then waited and they said they think its just dense breast tissue they won't do a biopsy today and to come back in 2 months if it's still there. I felt extremely rushed through and still a bit worried but I know they're the experts so just got to trust it's all okay