3 lumps in neck

Hi all,

I hope someone can relate to this and help me. I have googled (I know I shouldn't!) but nothing seems to relate to what I have. In 2022, I found 2 lumps at the bottom of my neck (shoulder area) one above the other. I was obviously very worried and checked my whole neck for more but couldn't find any. The lumps were firm, (slightly) moveable, and not visable. Obviously worried, I went to see my gp who said she didn't feel much, but due to me being anxious ordered blood work and an ultrasound. Bloods came back fine, and ultrasound identified that they were 'nothing sinister just tiny little lymph nodes'. I check them occasionally, and they still haven't got bigger which is positive.

Fast forward to March 2023, I am out on a walk and feel a third lump same side (left) just above my collar bone. At the time it was tiny, but has since got a bit bigger, I would say a bit bigger than a bean. This one is very movable, hard, and just above my collarbone. Panicked again, I went to see my gp, who said she thought it was a part of my neck muscle, but ordered blood work as she could see I was very visable worried. I am getting my bloods next week, but I know even if it's clear it won't be reassuring, as bloods cannot identify sinister causes. 

I have no other symptoms, but I wm extremely concerned that there is now 3 firm lumps on the same side of my neck under the skin. I sort of feel like I'm being dismissed by doctors and this is actually concerning, having 3 lumps in one area is not normal i know this. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Lumps under the skin that are hard with no other symptoms?

Very worried. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi

    so firstly as the tests you've already had have all been fine, and your gp hasn't been concerned I would take that as a positive. And I know the NHS sometimes takes some flack but please remember GP's are professionals, and experts in their field - probably I'm assuming far more qualified to investigate those lumps in your neck than you are - so please try to relax a little and trust the experts

    secondly - if you've had 2 lumps in your neck for over a year now and you aren't currently seriously unwell, I myself would be very inclined to tell you to stop panicking. I appreciate health anxiety, it's a real thing and I've been there... but lumps in your neck that aren't changing, getting bigger, or causing you to be quite unwell after a year are probably nothing to worry about - as your GP has suggested.

    good luck with the blood results, try to have a little break from Dr.Google

  • Hi, did you find out what they are? I’m currently going thru a similar thing 

  • I'm not saying that it is possibly the same cancer as I have been suffering from since the summer of lockdown, but maybe it may be of greater help to you if you hear my post diagnosis experience. I have got an incredibly rare form of non Hodgkin lymphoma, and even though I began having symptoms 2020, I wasn't diagnosed until end of last October, by which time I was stage 4 and told had it been just a few weeks later, they would be talking to me about palliative instead of immediately starting me on a high dose of the BV-CHP chemo. My first symptom was this horrendous pain Lowe back, I physically could not reach around to wipe myself in the toilet and at any given moment whilst walking my back became incapable of supporting my upper body. Then next, my rib had the sensation that it was broken, even though it wasn't, but I couldn't sit up in bed without being pushed, I couldn't cough and started feeling like I was slowly being suffocated. I then grew so tired the shortest walk was far too long, then by last yrs summer I developed lumps under my chin, on my sternum and my armpits, along with night drenched and day fevers, the Drs fobbed me off all along too. So even if none of this relates to you, all I will tell you for sure is if you  know deep down that there is something not right, and most likely making up excuses for it so you think you needn't worry, don't let anyone push you about and tell you it's all in your head, after all, it's not their body. By the way, back in the early days I was given my fair share of test results saying I was healthy. Xx

  • Ps, without a biopsy the early stages are hardly traceable with some cancer, but if it been a while you might have non aggressive type. Hope you have nothing, but make sure you don't get fobbed off cos even though I was able too explain away my terribly serious symptom, I told myself that my back pain was my pregnancy trauma flaring up, convinced myself that somehow I managed to break my rib without being aware, I blamed the very unnatural sweats on account of the boiling weather, convinced myself that my scarily abnormal lethargy was because I'd spent a few weeks laying down, even though I'd been laying down on account of my tiredness (go figure!) but I new deep down this was not just a run of bad luck, this was life changing serious. But you know what? Even though I wish it was found sooner, I don't regret the journey and the wisdom and virtues that I have been so lucky to find. I know my life will be shorter from the chemo and most likely the cancer, but I have been told so many times having infections, this time was touch and go, had de fibs even, but if I can decide dying just wasn't in my calendar any soon and actually be told that I seemed to stubborn to die, then I have no intention of listening to the Drs statistics. You WILL be alright no matter what, if you choose to be! X

  • Hey! Sorry for the super delayed response. Nope, I had to really push for it but they’re sending me for a second ultrasound in a few weeks. I’m trying not to panic but it’s hard not to!! 

  • Hey! I’m so sorry to hear that! Honestly doctors will find any way to fob people off these days, it’s unreal. I had to really push for it but I’m getting sent for another ultrasound in a few weeks. Hope you’re doing okay thanks for replying xx