breast cancer at 29

Today I found out I have breast cancer. ER+ve, HER2 -ve. All such a shock. I have no family history. I am fit and well. I just dont understand how this happened or how I am going to cope. I wasnt even going to go to the GP, don't know why i did, but clearly a good thing. 

I seem to be going through 1000 emotions an hour, crying then sad, then laughing then ok with it all etc etc. I have to stop working to isolate for surgery and that is huge for me, work is the good part of my life. 

I am so scared Im going to die, feels like my life has barely started. There were no nodes on my ultrasound, but Im so worried they will find them in theatre, but I wont know that for like 4 weeks which feels like a lifetime away. 

Any words or advice would be greatly received! 

  • Hi the operation went really well and I managed pain with paracetamol and brufen and I'm pretty soft, was a little uncomfortable in bed the 1st week but I just propped myself up with loads of pillows, i had the op last Tuesday and was out walking by Friday, I've had to have it drained a couple of times and need to again on Monday but it doesn't hurt, just take pain relief every 4 hours to keep on top of it. My armpit is more painful but you have to do exercises and keep it going. The mri is to check if it's unfortunately spread anywhere else. I start chemo again in 5 weeks then Im having is hard but you have to keep positive and stay strong or you will crack up. Here if you need to chat. Xx

  • Definitely relate to the numbness. Also was very close to not going to the doctor - I actually went about something else and then just mentioned it kinda off hand. Never thought it would be something serious. Scary to think what couldve been! x

  • Starfish63 

    So sorry youve been diognosed with brest cancer,I do know what your going through ,I had similar feelings as you when I was diognosed in May 2020. But my advice to you is to take each day as it comes,you are in the best possible hands to get you well and beat this,try to stay positive, ecspecialy where your worry is concerning your surgery and finding lymph node involment, they do know beforehand if any lymph nodes are involved ,I was told on my first visit to the breast clinic that I had lymph nodes containing cancer, I would of thought if you had lymph node involved they would have found that already.  Try to stay positive, and take each day as it comes,you are in safe hands and you will get through this. Its like a family in this Cancer chat forum, there is always someone going through simular things and diognisis, with emotions  just like yours and  we understand how daunting and scary it all can be, but  are always here to offer encouragement and help you as you go through this journey.  Talking is good ,it helped me to talk to family and friends  ,and there are lots of lovely people on here who will always reach out to you. Do ouch and let us know how you are doing ,but try to stsy positive, it is not easy to  do I know but it really does help if you can. Xx

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to check in with you all and find out how you are doing? I've got an appointment tomorrow and will hopefully get a surgery date, they've done tests on the right side so I will find out if there is any cancer is in that side too Everything goes to plan x