Just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 25..

Hello all!

Tonight has been a surreal moment after finding a lump in left breast, and ultrasound identifying enlarged lymph nodes, it has sadly been confirmed that i have invasice ductal breast cancer - a tripple negative breast cancer in my case. I am 25 with no real family history, so it is all a bit shocking. 

i however had prepared myself fully for this news, and when they told me, i felt strangely calm and ok with this. i am sure i will have my wobbly moments but i know i will fight this.

I am going to have a CT scan and mammogram as it is in my lymph nodes, to check if the cancer has spread anywhere else (thats the scary part for me). But i will start chemo in jan, and have 6 rounds of it. Halfway through my chemo i will have a follow up, and decide what surgery i will be having/what will be neccssary. Then go from there.

I thought i would write on here, to hear from those experiencing similar things, and see how chemo was for you? and also to see if there is anyone my age on here going through the same thing?


thank you,


Hannah xxx

  • Hi ladies,


    sorry to those that I did not reply to I don't get the chance to go on here often how are we all doing? I am almost a year clear of cancer but awaiting a routine ct scan results. Hoping they're all ok the anxiety is and will always be there I think!


    keelychardz you're not too far from me in Bournemouth! I hope you get positive results but if you find yourself in the same boat please get in touch - instagram hannah Wadland ️

    love to you all my warrior queens xxx

  • Hi since 3 months I have a small lump in my left breast but its neither increased or decreased in size. But other than that I didnot have any other symptoms. I am 25 years old and I am really worried to go see a doctor too for it. I just wanted to know how did you find out and how did this all start. Because I am really very worried badly. and so sorry to hear your disease hope you recover and be healthy and fit again.


    Thanks and regards


  • Hi ,


    Even i am 25 years old and found a lump in my left breast but no other symptoms and really scared to even go see a doctor. Do you have any other symptoms apart from the lump. I just wanted to know that if the lump is the first sign for it or do we get other signs as well. 


    Hopefully your results are positive.


    Take care.