Hi. I am scared. I was told last week there is cancer on my regrown tonsil

Hi all. I was told last week there is cancer on my regrown tonsil - Tonsilectomy aged 22. Also Lymph nodes. He said he was v sorry and its v serious. I haveMRi cts and PAnendoscopy next week.  I am scared . He said that was enough info to take in. I felt spaced out and detatched and hazywhen he told me. All bring done within 7 days of initital Appt. Symtoms have been over looked over 2 yrs with a lot of use of Antibiotics .

I feel sad that it has been overlooked so long - weightloss 14kg in last 5 mths- Gp said stress from 35 yr abusive marriage and house move. Deep voice and nodules in riggt lung 3 yrs ago. To be CT every 12 mths  bt all i got was xray. Nodules dont even show up on xray. Now CT shows nodules quadrupled in suze. I feel so sad that so many symptoms are overlooked and belittled and cheap xray used and not what was requested by initial Consultant. But is any of this treatable to point of cure? I only remember saying I dont want to leave my children - they are 26 butni have nt wantedto live for so long and just as i started feeling I wantedto try life I have this. Will i be ok? Bless u all. Sorry to waffle. Im just scared. No oneadded " bt it can be treated" etc. I know all results have to be in 1st but he was so so solomn. Got a 2nd Consultant in and asked my friend in. Biodpisies will be done during scans and Surgury. God bless. 

Where i can go to talk? My stomach is in a tight knot and I cant sleep.i am strong and am doing life. 


  • Hello Tseb, 

    You are not waffling at all and I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and our forum is always there for you so you can talk to others who understand what you are going through and who may have been in a similar position before. I am so sorry that you have been told cancer has been found in your regrown tonsil. I hope that your scans next week will shed some light on what is going on and that you find out more soon about your treatment options. I am so sorry that symptoms were overlooked for so long and you had to use a lot of antibiotics. I can understand why you were disappointed when symptoms were overlooked and an X Ray scan was wrongly used. 

    Keep strong Tseb and make sure you ask all those questions as to what your treatment options will be for example when you see the consultant. There is detailed information on our website on tonsil cancer including on treating tonsil cancer. I've come across several members of our forum who have been affected by tonsil cancer and seem to be doing well - one name that springs to my mind is the lovely  who also has a tonsil cancer blog which retraces her  story and experience. This is just one example amongst many and I hope that you will hear from others here and that they will share their story with you. 

    I will also give you our cancer nurses' number if you would like to get in touch with them and ask them anything - their helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and you can reach them on this free number 0808 800 4040 - their line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (but closed this bank holiday Monday). 

    We'll be thinking of you for the 1st when all the results come through - if you don't mind, please come back here and keep us updated on what you found out. 

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

  • Hi Tseb

    Sorry you’ve  found yourself on here hearing the Ward cancer is scary. Once biopsy results are in please ask if your cancer is like mine was HPV driven ? Head and neck cancers do respond well to treatment although treatment is hard I am now 6 years post radiotherapy and chemo for ronsik cancer with seven affected lymoh nodes . Read my blog it hopefully will help you. 
    The waiting for scans and results is horrible but sadly we have all been there but keep this dighufe is yiur head head and neck cancers have excellent responses to treatment. Keep off dr Google and keep yourself busy. Often our cancers take a while to get diagnosis’s as they aren’t that common. I was lucky my gp was aware of HPV driven cancers. 
    blog is www.radioactiveraz.wordpress.com

    take treatment ine day at a time don’t look too far in advance 


  • Thankyou so much Hazel for your time. I will keep  you updated. I am so glad you have respondef to treatment and are doing well. 

    I have Surgery Wed Biopsiees etc. All scans done. All within a werk of seeing Conultant.. i dont Google anything Goof advice lol

    I cant get your  Blog up but wld love to read it. HpV noted by my GP. Thsnkyou for your kindness.

    God bless


  • Hi Helen, 

    Just to let you know I've now fixed the link to Hazel's blog in Hazel's post - it should now come up fine for you. It's also in my reply to you if you click on 'a tonsil cancer blog'. 

    Happy reading ;)


  • Hi Helen sorry we’re away on holiday I was checking g emsils late last night this us blog


    HPV driven tumours gsve sn excellent response to treatment . It’s hard but I was 61 when diagnosed now living a great life. 
    Hugs Hazel

  • Hi it’s ok to be scared we all are take ut one day at a time 


  • Dear Lucie

    What a beautiful lady you are.

    I am so gtateful and feel already that people are here for me - my Space.... people who even understand all the emotions. 

    My Ultra Sound Doctor says he is some Lymph nodes are affected but had to give me a "wishy washy" reply . He wasnt " happy" with 4 of them. He was a Doctor and had seen my MRI and CT scans 

    He didnt do Fine Needle as he said he would discuss with Mr xxxx to have it all biopsied with Tonsil, on Wednesday, in Surgery. My 23rd Op in life but 1st I sm scared of. Probably due to requiring results and not just " fixing".

    I see I have other replies and am so grateful to all and will reply to all soon.

    I had a short night, full of nightmares and as usual am walking tred.

    I thankyou for the Blog Access and for Nurses numbers.

    Thankyou all so much.


  • Hi Helen honestly this time the waiting’s the worst it’s fest on the unknown once yiu get a treatment plan it does become clearer in your mind. Nightmares are par for the course it’s human nature. 

    Hugs Hazel c

  • Hi. I am 59! 

    Last Op Wed. Lymph nodes and tonsil.

    As thy knw already from scans might thy trll me Wed?  Hope u had lovely hols. Mine now on hold. I saw ur happy photos on ur blog - lovely Lucie helped me access it. Havent read it all. Am cleaning and ironing - getting it up to date. Will i feel v rotten after Op,? Throat and neck. Im a tough nut but am alone and alwayd only had Ops to fix and revover. I have MS and am Immune suppressed. Cancer was always high risk from many of the 15 meds i take. Eye sight bad - occlusive retinal vasculitis from MS and 15 ops on one eye lol. 

    Fused foot.

    Fused spine.

    And I was fine! Manage it all. 

    Bt vv tired and lost 14 kgs since Jan. 

    Felt like something new was up.

    Being 48kgs I dont look gr8 lol.

    Thanks again.

    I ll update asap after Wed.

    God bless.

    H x

  • Hi what op are they doing ? I onky had biopsy on tonsil I was fine took a few co codomol. 
    the radiotherapy and chemo destroyed my csncef as sone nodes were inoperable. 
    yes please update me sending hugs try to maintain weight as much as yiu csn est high calorie stuff 

    H x