Been told I have Breast Cancer. Awaiting biopsy results. What does this mean stage wise?

I went to the breast clinic on the 24th April, I have been told its BC, I am wondering what happend next, the breast nurse told me the tumor is 2.5cm, surgery, possible radiotherapy and they mat take 3 lymph nodes away.  I am freaking out what does it mean stage wise 

  • Hi.   Yes I felt it. I'm only 39 so I'm not entitled to the screening tests normally yet.  I went to the GP and was referred to the breast clinic.  I've got my mammograms booked for Wednesday then it's back to hear the treatment plan (once they've reviewed it and discussed it at the MDT meeting).  I agree. The waiting is horrid and I've never been the most patient person.  I'm really worried as I lost my mum to metastatic breast cancer in 2019.   I've got to beat this! I've got two small girls (4 and 6). I need to be here for them!

    Let me know how you get on. Wishing you the best of luck! X

  • Hi Redruth, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I’m always on the look out for younger women on here as they are so few of us. I’m 35 with 2 toddler boys and have stage 1, grade 3 IDC, had my lumpectomy 6 weeks ago and just had my first chemo yesterday, so far feeling ok actually. (I only had to have chemo because of the grade, if yours is 1 you will probably not need to so that would be good). The first part is by far the worst, it’s absolutely terrifying and but it does get easier.


  • Hi sozboz,

    sorry to hear about your diagnosis as well but sounds like it has been picked up early, have you had any further info yet? As everyone says the first part is the worst and it will get easier, and this forum is such a good source of support xx

  • Hi Em24ma. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. At least you are well on the road through treatment now.    I hope you tolerate it as well as possible.  The kids are a big focus and they are so important.

    Please do keep in touch and let me know how you get on! Xx

  • Yeah it's commendable that you're maintaining a positive outlook. It's incredible how advancements in medical technology like mammograms can detect issues early on, giving you the best possible chance for successful treatment. Remember, you're not alone, If there's anything specific you need or if you just want to talk, please don't hesitate to reach out. Wishing you strength. 

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    Hi, had no symptoms and couldn't feel a lump, calcifications where picked up on a routine mammogram and a mass was found on an ultrasound. I was diagnosed 28th Feb. I had breast surgery and lymphnodes removed on 4th April, it was only at pathology results on 29th April that I was given a stage and grade. It was Stage 1 grade 2. Originally I was told it was high grade dcis but after surgery it was upgraded to idc, thankfully my lymphnodes where clear. I'm waiting to have radiotherapy and I'm taking tamoxifen for 5 years as the tumour was oestrogen positve. It's very hard to get your head around. I wish you the very best in your treatment x

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    Mine was grade1 her2 negative x 

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    no I never felt any lump either x but I had one but never ever felt it there 

  • Hey Sozboz, I've just received my level 3 breast cancer diagnosis, I Am having a MRI scan next week. Have you attended the BC clinic yet? It is a very scarey time but it's important to remain positive until you get your health and treat.ent plan in place. 

    I got diagnosed 7 days ago, already I'm book for cardio pulmonary scan and an MRI, try not to panic (easier said than done I know) once the ball starts rolling it all happens really quickly.

    Best wishes and good luck 

  • Hi Loulou

    I have surgery booked for 8th June, lumpectomy and SLNB, they said its IDC grade 2 and DCIS high grade, however it could change once they operate.

    The waiting is awful! Trying to be positive, I have my kids to keep me busy and focused.

    We can do this, sending love to you all xxx