Oncologist appointment tomorrow - what questions should I ask?

After being diagnosed on 18th January and going through all the various test, I finally get to see the oncologist tomorrow. Would like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions about what questions would be good to ask. 

Also what are your experiences of how long it took for treatment to start after first oncology appointment. As my breast cancer is grade 3 and fast growing, I'm worried about it spreading, before my treatment even gets started. 

Was it suggested you have a PICC line or port?

  • Unfortunately getting hot flushes all the time, now that I can no longer take hrt. Not sure if meds and injections are just making them worse. Mustn't complain though, my side effects haven't been too bad overall. As far as I know I will have sedation for the port. They've told me not to eat after midnight the night before.  Also no liquid two hours prior to procedure. Have to be at the hospital for 8.30am, so at least no hanging around. Thanks for your reassurance, I'm sure all will be fine. Xxx

  • I fear my life is about to become all hot flushes and other menopause symptons!! Just have to try and remind myself that it’s all for the greater good and preventing reoccurrence…which is the most important thing.

    honestly you’ll be totally fine. I was sedated and it was amazing! I think I drifted off to sleep and then woke up just at the end…felt really relaxed and pretty peaceful after! The sedation was good! I wasn’t very good with general anaesthetic as felt very nauseous after that but the sedation was good!!! Will be thinking of you but it will be over before you know it. 

    Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. X

  • Oh so sorry Madhatter, i missed this post before! How are you doing now? Any bowel movement? I’m pretty bunged up too..taking laxido and trying to eat lots of fibre! 
    Hope you’re doing ok. How are the legs, 

    sending virtual hugs your way xx

  • Oh good too on the magnesium!

    Hope you’re doing ok now and hope you’ve had a lovely Easter xx

  • I feel much better about the port after hearing about your experience, have decided to chill out about it now. I suppose the menopause systems are a small price to pay, in the grand scheme of things. Sommething we'll just have to try and get used to! Had a very chilled and quiet Easter, as isolating until day 10. Hopefully will be catching up with the kids and grandkids next Friday, can't wait. Also hoping to take my elderly parents out for a nice lunch. This has been so hard for them, as they're used to seeing more of me. Luckily my mum is not too bad with a phone, so we facetime every day. Will let you know how it goes on Wednesday, take care. Xx

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    hi both

    Have you tried grapes.  Just a handful a day really help.  I also try weetabix for breakfast daily to keep things moving xx 

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    Hope everyone has enjoyed some time over Easter.  I will be so pleased once the injections end.  I really struggle with them. Whilst stronger pain meds have helped this time I just feel hung over the whole time and ache all over.  I’ve slept relentlessly and have zero energy. I’m also hyper sensitive right now and my skin feels like it’s crawling.  
    Also just wondered how your doing with eating / weight control. 

    it’s such a minefield of symptoms / unknowns all the time. 
    good luck for Wednesday Pippin.  I agree with others it will make future treatments so very much easier 

    hoping everyone is getting on ok 


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    Hi NGS, so sorry to hear that you stlll struggle with the injections, this must be so difficult for you  I do get a little tired at times  and generally have a nap at some time during the evening. The biggest issue for me is the hot flushes, which do disturb my sleep. I managed to weigh in at slimming world the week before my 2nd chemo (target member for 8 years now), as I love going to my group when I can. I find I do put on weight the week after my chemo, which is annoying. I think this is because of having to eat before some tablets and after others. I end up eating when I'm not even hungry. Once that week is over I go back to my normal eating and it sorts itself out  I'm a bit worried about what will happen when I go onto the docetaxel, as I think the meds increase. Thank you for your best wishes regarding my port tomorrow, will just be glad to get it done now. I really hope you start to feel better once you finish your injections. Xxx

  • Hi Greeny80, just wanted to ask you about what clothing to wear after port fitting. Was it difficult to raise your arms to put on clothing or put on a bra?

  • Morning! 
    I don’t remember wearing anything different after the port…probably just slightly looser clothing but nothing that I remember.. I would suggest a soft bra as the strap can sometimes dig in depending on where they actually insert it..(mine is totally fine now but just for a few days) the only other slight pain/uncomfort I got was when driving as the seatbelt was digging in/pressing on the port slightly so I used to have a nice scarf which I used to pad that area a bit…but it didn’t last long, a few days/a week max. I literally don’t notice it at all now…Arm/neck felt a little uncomfortable for a day but it was never sore. Arm movement etc was fine. 

    Hope it’s all fine for you too! Will be thinking of you tomorrow..I know you’ll be glad once it’s over and I promise it will be over in a flash! Good luck for the next round too…

    im starting docetaxol next Tuesday (along with cyclophosphamide) and I have to take double steroids the day before, day of and day after and then who knows what else after! I’ll let you know!! 

    Hope the bowel movements are all ok! I’ve been eating a lot of apricots!..but now all seems to be good if not a little too far the other way!!! Always something!!!!!!

    Take care and good luck tomorrow! Xx