Leakage after robotic Prostatectomy

Good evening, 

just had my catheter removed after robotic Prostatectomy, was expecting some leakage but taken aback by lack of control! Pelvic floor exercises restarted, anyone with any other useful tips on gaining control and moving forward, most appreciated if you do?

  • Hello Michael

    I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with some post-treatment side effects now that your catheter has been removed. It's understandably a difficult time. 

    I wanted to let you know about this post recently made by one of our members . Hopefully, as I've tagged him in my reply to you he will pop along to share his experiences with you and offer any words of advice. 

    Don't be afraid to contact your clinical nurse specialist if you're worried about things. Alternatively, you're welcome to chat things through with one of our team of nurses. I know they will be happy to offer any advice, information, and support they can. They're available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0808 800 4040. 

    I hope things settle and improve for you soon. 

    Best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator 

  • Hi Michael and welcome, I hope your operation was successful regarding the cancer, As my cancer was locally advanced prostate, surgery was not an option, so had HT and  RT plus a TURP. Michael i too had  an overactive bladder, daytime i pee'd for about a second a time so it was always uncomfortable and to hold on for a hour was rare, often going 3 to 5 times a hour and was getting up at night up to 10 times, this is not to worry you . just to let you know where i started from. Michael there is no quick fix i wish there was. pelvic floor exercises are good, but don't think more is better 5 x 10 seconds 6 x a day is enough. bladder training, when you need to go just try to hold it in, it wont be long at first but will improve, PS if you can do this in the  bathroom it will improve your confidence to try harder, i also did pilates which strengthens the muscles in your lower abdomen,the inner core as they like to call it. As i also have bowl and bladder cancer i still do these today as i really benefit from them. I'm sure you have been told, no caffeine, alcohol or fizzy drinks and plenty of water and it is very good advice, as is to avoid spicy and acidic foods. Michael like i said earlier it will take time, I have bladder, bowl, anal and prostate cancer and it took me 5 months to get to where my bladder and bowls are seldom an issue, i would be lying if i said they were perfect, but it's been many weeks since they made me change my plans, i hope this helps, please take care, Eddie

  • Thank you for reaching out, you kind of put my problems into perspective. I will take on board your suggestions (not drinking but didn't know about coffee & sparkling drinks).

    This was my second operation, having undergone cryotherapy 18 months ago. I bounced back from that very quickly & presumed the robotic prostatectomy would not be much different, my arrogance is often my downfall.

    I will take your advice, slowly slowly, day by day & look for the small victories. In the meantime I wish you all the best for your treatment & seasons greetings to you (no champagne for the toast though ;) 


  • Happy to help Michael, all the best, Eddie