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I have recently had a lumpectomy. Now I'm waiting to have a mastectomy. It's a worrying time as cancer has been found to be in my lymph nodes as well. Any advice would be welcomed

  • Hi SANDYDEE53,

    I hope things went well with the procedure and that you're getting on OK at the moment. This must be difficult and I can of course understand your worries. There will be others here who have experienced something similar, or who are perhaps going through it now too. My reply will boost your post, meaning a few more people should see it, so hopefully you'll get some more replies soon.

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  • Hi  I'm sorry to hear your situation. I had a lumpectomy but as my sentinel lymph node tested positive, I'm having an axillary clearance next week. Its a worrying time, but I want it all out so it can be tested. How many nodes are affected? I only have 1 but they only took 1, so no idea if there's more yet. Are they taking the axillary nodes out too? 

  • Hi my partner is in a similar situation as she had a mastectomy and they took out 5 nodes - all 5 of them positive and now we have to wait for ct scans to see if it has spread. The waiting is awful. I hope all is ok and the best of luck X 

  • The waiting is awful. I've had axillary clearance now but it is 6 weeks wait for results. The results will decide what treatment is next though I expect it to be chemo. Good luck DaisyMP for your partner and Sandydee53. X

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I've had the axerily nodes removed. My result appointment was canceled until 11th April. I know its not long to wait but it's so worrying. I try not to Google every thing but I'm finding it hard not to. I do have friends but none of them have gone through this and I feel I can't burden them with my concerns. Same with my children adults now but I don't want to worry them. I will let you know what my results are when I find out. My best wishes to all on the forum and wish you all fit and well xx

  • Hi Sandydee.   I am kind of fortunate to not be on your position lump .. I got calcification in the breast tissue.. they are not harmful I am told when spherical shape ... but I had an area where the cells were unpredictable ..  so yep dcis it's called early "pre _cancer" they call it ...although it is a fast growing yeah its daunting even when it's contained in the duct... there are lots of lovely people on here and support through macmillan, hospital team, breast nurses, cancer research etc ... there is always someone who will listen and you can air how you feel ...u take care my lovely ....we are all in it together x

  • Hi Sandy, I had a mastectomy about 3 years ago. What they try to do is take out a portion of the lymph nodes leading from the affected breast. Test them and make sure there is a sufficient barrier of unaffected nodes to ensure they have stopped the spread if you like. I have had cancer a few times now as a result of a Bone Marrow Transplant in 1988 and one thing I have learned is you have little control over the events but have trust in the experts. They know what they are doing. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Jellybean67a

    I was just wondering… I was diagnosed with DCIS and the biopsy showed medium and high grade cells of a non-invasive kind of breast cancer… by any chance did you have any radiotherapy as part of your treatment? If so … how did that go?


  • Hi there, I had my surgery last week so I am waiting on the results from the tissue I had removed. The consultant did mention radiotherapy so it's possible I will have some.

    Where are you at in your journey, how are you doing...? Be lovely to chat with someone in a similar position to myself.

    Regards Jules

  • Hi Jules

    It would also be lovely for me to chat with someone in a similar position.

    I’ve had a couple of operations for DCIS. The first one was a wide local excision and the second was a cavity shave. I needed the cavity shave because most of the margins were clear, but not quite all of them. In a couple of days I’ll see my consultant and find out for certain if radiotherapy is next. I’ve had a lot of support from my cancer care nurse and Macmillan’s online chat with a nurse, so that I’m more prepared for the radiotherapy option. At the moment this really is my preferred option.

    From what I can make out I had only 5mm of DCIS to be removed and hopefully clear margins too. It’s a noninvasive cancer, but the stereo core biopsy before my first operation, showed a combination of intermediate and high grade DCIS. I think because the cells weren’t low grade, I could be offered a short course of radiotherapy. That would be for 5 days.

    Is any of this similar to your journey?

    Looking forward to hearing from you