Incontinence following prostatectomy

I had a prostatectomy 6 weeks ago , catheter removed 4 weeks ago ( 2 weeks after op)

i understand having read all about it , however I cannot see what’s the average for what’s normal , for instance if any of you are pad free? What was your experience after 6 weeks ? I cannot see me being paid free the amount I leak , what was your pad useage at 6 weeks ? What progress can I expect from where I am now ? I don’t allow pads to get really heavy and use approx 2 in the day and change to a fresh pad every night , I leak very little in the night and have never wet a sheet ! I awake twice nightly and go to the loo quite normally, when walking round in the day I am leaking a little constantly and go to the loo regularly to avoid wetting myself , is it possible ,at taking all above into account I will get much better ? Individual peoples experience would be most gratefully received as informative guides are not available only information I already know.

in every other way I feel great and fit , scars from robotic surgery hardly visible! Praying in 2 weeks this operation has got all the dreaded C .

in anticipation !!! 

Refards alan m 


  • Hi cricket you could try telemando he had it done nine or ten years ago he should be able to help. 


  • Hi Cricket1. Welcome to the forum.

    I went through this way back in 2010. Here is my timeline for continence recovery:

    - For the first weeks following surgery, I was using 1-2 pads during the day, and one pad at night. I think this is similar to your usage.

    - After 3 months I returned to work (I was in no hurry) and I was still wearing 1 pad during the day and another at night. 

    - Between 3 to 6 months, I stopped using the full size Tena pads during the day and used instead the much smaller and cheaper Always Ultra.  I actually cut these in half and normally half a pad would last during the whole day.  I wore a full size pad at night.

    - After 6 months I stopped wearing pads during the day, and after 8-9 months I went on a couple of day trips to London by train.  I still wore pads at night.  

    - After a year I stopped wearing pads by day and night. I donated all the pads I had left to my local hospital's urology dept to pass on their patients. 

    And some general observations:

    - I stopped drinking caffeinated tea, coffee and cola for the first 6 months. 

    - During all this time, I always made sure I had spare pads and underpants on me so I could change in case of accidents.  And I did have a couple of minor accidents - sneezing unexpectedly was always a bit hit and miss!  

    - The whole process was one of gradual improvements, where I went from 90% continent, to 99.9%, 99.99%, to 99.999%.  I didn't wake up one day and find that I was 100% continent and all my problems were over.  

    - Even a few years down the line I might get the feeling of a minor release, rush to the loo, and find that literally one drop had been released; often this was not enough to actually wet my undies. 

    - I didn't begin to see any real progress until I had stopped peeing blood and clots, which took a couple of months. 

    - During all this time, and for years afterwards, I did pelvic floor exercises several times a day.  I still do these exercises when I remember, but not on a daily basis. 

    - Finally, there is no fixed schedule or timetable.  I believe my experiences are reasonably common but you might get there faster than me, or you might take a longer time.  Just keep doing the pelvic floor exercises and as long as you're seeing improvements, don't lose the faith. 

    I see you're now six weeks in and you've probably had your first PSA blood test and are awaiting the pathology results.  Fingers crossed that your PSA is now < 0.1 and your surgical margins were clear. 

  • extremely helpful and thanks for taking the time to reply ! I have my post psa test at my doctors next week , the results go back to my consultant and he will tie them up with the biopsy results of my removed prostate, and and that’s in 2 weeks! A nervy two weeks ,

    ill let you know ! 

    Regards alan 

  • Yes, I remember nervously waiting for the first PSA result and then the pathology result when I saw the surgeon.  Good luck. Keep us posted. 

  • hi telemando I have been to the consultant today for my results! I was psa 0.03 and no signs other than they said , the results were excellent and the cancer has gone with the prostrate , I’ve not got to report back for  a further blood test for 6 months , alls good ! Only another 6 months anxiety now ha ha 

    cheers alan ( cricket1) 

  • That's great news.  I can't deny that we all worry when it gets near the time for a PSA test, but over time the anxiety reduces...