Just started FLOT Chemo for GOJ Esophagus cancer, then Ivor Lewis operation to remove stomach , anyone going through this happy to connect

I am 60 Year old Father of 2 and a grandfather of 2 , married for 37 years , and recently retired. Living in Wickford Area Essex. I have previously had no major Health Problems , being fit and active playing golf  and regular fitness sessions at local gym.

In April 2024 following an endoscopy it was identified i may have a malignant tumor at GOJ junction. This was confirmed on 7th May following further endoscopy., various other tests and scans including PET, CT , and laparoscopy Diagnosed T2/3 Stage poss. small spread to nearby lymph nodes ,  fortunately not to other areas of body  and localized.

I have just started a 4 two week cycle of FLOT chemotherapy 24Th June, plan then to have an Ivor Lewis Procedure , to remove all of stomach and then another 4 cycles of Chemo.

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    Just wanted to check in and see how you’re feeling? 

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    Thank you for your message, on my second cycle,  a few side effects especially stomach cramps .

    Had a sacre last week pre cycle 2 blood test showed low white blood cells , so needed injections to boost b4 they could do second cycle.

    Mentally just trying to take one day as it's comes, and not think to far ahead .

    Tough though , as it seems life on pause, and everyone still out and about enjoying.

    Thanks for asking.


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    I replied to your message but for some reason I can’t see it?? I was starting to worry about you as you always reply rather quickly.

    how are the stomach cramps today? Did they give any medication for it? 

    pleased they were able to give you something for the low white blood cells, the last thing you need is an infection. 

    The emotional side is so hard, stay strong, each day is a day closer to getting you life back on track. 

    thinking of you all 

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    Thank you for your response, still getting stomach cramps , which apart from tiredness definitely, my worst symptoms.

    I have Buscopan so hopefully that will help.

    If I'm honest struggled more mentally last couple of days , feel like life going on around me and I am really just stuck inside like a prison.

    Still 3 weeks into the chemo phase , only 5 to go .

    Thanks for checking in.

  • Hello.

    How's your dad, has he a date for laproscopy yet .

  • Hello, hope your dad has date for Laproscopy , and things are now moving .

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    Good morning,

    so, dad had his laparoscopy late yesterday. He ended up staying in overnight as he didn’t go down till 18.30. Consultant has been to see him this morning and was happy that it was operable. He didn’t do very well at the fitness test last week and he came back at high risk of post op complications. However, if he works at his fitness then this can improve. He does keep talking himself out of having the op. 

    I’m hoping he will hear soon about PICC line and starting chemo. I’m picking him up today so I will see what I can find out.

    How are things your end?

    Thank you for asking about dad. 

    Hazel xx 

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    Glad your Dad now had his Laproscopy,  if my timeline anything to go by , probably about 3 weeks he should be starting chemo.

    My last chemo is 5th August , so you never know may be in Chemo ward together.

    Tell you Dad not to  think to far ahead, and take just one phase at a time.So just focus on  chemo first and it's outcome.

    Hope you doing OK,  I know speaking to my daughter's friends she has good and bad days , although she does not tell me .

    I am still having some stomach cramps , but one day at a time. Monday sees me half way through chemo , and starting 3rd cycle.

    Please don't hesitate at any time to contact me , as I am a little ahead of same journey I can share my experiences and what to expect .

    Stay strong best wishes to your Dad 


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    Hi Mark,

    I have told dad not to worry about the op at the moment and just concentrate on getting the Chemo started. 

    It would be really nice if you managed to meet each other on the unit seeing as you are both going through exactly the same. Being that little further ahead with your treatment has made such a difference to me and my understanding of what happens next. 

    urm…. I’m doing ok (I think) I’m very much up and down and find some days it just consumes my every thought. I think it’s the feeling of being helpless that I struggle with the most. (Not that I tell dad) I’ve started reading again and also start a new job next week (not the best timing, but gave a two month notice before dads diagnosis) so I think they will help. I also have 3 spaniels that keep ke busy. 
    I’m always here if your daughter needs someone who’s going through exactly the same thing, I love coffee and cake and my arm can always be twisted for a G&T

    wishing you lots of luck for Monday, you’ll be another step closer to ringing that bell! 

    “Ring this bell, three times well, Its toll to clearly say, my treatment's done, This course is run and I am on my way”

    With love Hazel x 

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    Having a new job will help you take your mind of things. We all need something to distract us.

    I will let my daughter know , thank you.could be good you both  can share feelings, and at least u both have an understanding of what you are experiencing.

    Stay positive , keep in contact.