Lilly terrified I have oesophageal cancer

I am a 42 year old nurse who has had a very rough year sudden loss of my mum and a sick dad amongst other things .      Approx 6 weeks ago I had a tickly cough and a hoarse voice then I had some trouble swallowing and more recently when I swallow tablets in particular they feel like they are still stuck .     I went to ENT who said double PPI for 6 weeks been on them almost three and if anything swallow seems as bad as ever .    Now going for endoscopy and beyond terrified I am going to be told I have oesophageal cancer .   My son is currently sitting his A Levels and  everytime I look at him I want to cry .     Has anyone had similar experiences and it not turn out to be worst case scenario ?  TIA xx

  • Hello Lillybelle.  I am sure that as a nurse you know that there are many illnesses that mimic the signs of cancer, but that probably doesn't make you feel any better does it?  I guess as human beings we always tend to look on the worst side of things.  There's probably not much I can say that will make you feel any better, because once our fears get a strangle-hold on us, they don't let go do they?  We try to apply logic and reason to ourselves, but those fears still remain.  The only thing I can do is wish you the best of luck, and fingers crossed that everything will turn out well for you,  xx

  • Hi Lillybelle

    I have recently had an endoscopy for the same, sore throat, cough, constantly clearing my throat, couldnt swallow anything small like tablets.  I have been having investigations into it since last Sept.  I have been on PPI's for the last 15 years and this time it wouldnt settle down, even though I was on a double dose for 2 months.  Anyway, I was convinced that I must have something sinister going on, had the endoscopy and they took 2 biopsies, one from a polyp in my stomach and one from my oesophageous  They told me on the day that they did not look like cancer, but they took the biopsies just to be sure.  Got the results a week ago all clear, no cancer.

    Even if you dont feel like you suffer from acid reflux, you can suffer from silent reflux at night.  When lying down, acid comes up and over time causes the valve in your throat to swell, which can make you feel like you have a lump in your throat, and a cough and trouble swallowing.  The consultant gave me some good tips to help it settle down.

    Must take my PPI at least 30mins before eating or drinking anything other than water in the morning (I have mine beside the bed with glass of water, I take it as soon as I wake up).

    Cut down on fatty and acidic food, also fizzy drinks.  Coffee can also be bad for it.

    Extra pillows to raise your head and chest if you can sleep like it.

    Sleep on left hand side of your body if possible, acid has to flow upwards then to get to your throat.

    Try not to eat late in the evening, need to leave at least 2 hours after a meal before lying down.

    I also take a dose of Gaviscon Advance liquid before bed each night.

    The big one is trying not to worry, it sounds like you have had a really stressful year, which is probably why you are having this flare-up.

    I hope that the endoscopy goes ok and that it turns out to just be acid reflux.

    Best wishes