I'm George and I've been diagnosed with Myelofibrosis

I have been  diagnosed  with Myelofibrosis a blood cancer ,any help would  be appreciated 

  • Hi George

    I have a friend whose husband was diagnosed with this approx 10 years ago, she said that because it is quite a rare type of blood cancer, they had alot of difficulty finding information on it.

    She said the website:  mpnvoice.org.uk was a good source of information with regard the condition.

    Her husband was on medication for a number of years and managed to get on a clinical trial, which worked well.  Then approx 2 years he had a stem cell transplant,  which has worked and 2 years on he is still clear from it.  Yes, there is a chance that it may come back, but at the moment it is looking very positive!

    I hope that you get some information that helps.