I was diagnosed two years ago with ovarian,with malignant ascites and cancer in the peraneum. I did 6 carbo ,planned surgery midway was cancelled due to low platelets,at the end of the carbo on traces or scar tissue left,a few months later put on naraparib for a year then had to come off them due to low hemaglobin that two transfusions didn't fix..I.m exploring alternative options now. Sleep is an issue,no matter how tired I am as soon as I go to bed I.m wide awake stressing 

  • Hi I have ovarian cancer too with so much spread now, they won't operate. I asked for morphine to help me sleep, I'm also on Amitryptyline that they increased, I also take cocodamol. My problem is arthritic pain and I hate not being able to sleep. Why don't you ask for something to help you relax when you go to bed? X

  • Hi my wife was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer she has extensive ascites your post has given us some hope of being dragged out of the pit of despair 

  • Hi Kirsty-and-Mike, you have commented on a previous comment of mine on another thread. But my wifes experience is relevant to this thread my wife was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3.5 years ago. She had surgery and chemo and enjoyed 1 year cancer free. Unfortunately it returned in the Peraneum nearly 2 years ago, she had debulking surgery and further chemo and has been on Nirapaib for approx 18months although now incurable there are currently no signs of cancer, her medication and treatment has allowed her to lead a pretty normal life and still works full time, although no one knows what the future may bring. My wife although always shattered also has great deal of trouble sleeping and also suffers greatly from abdominal gastric problems due to her surgery and sometimes has had to use Morphine to manage he abdominal pain. But mainly her issues are managed and 3.5 years in she is doing well. 

  • So glad for you she is doing well thank you for your comments it helped Kirsty is being so brave at the minute but it is so hard not to be swallowed by the pit of despair 

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    Hi I'm in the same position as you, inoperable and with arthritic pain. I take a bit of a cocktail of drugs at bedtime, I think you cope better if you can have a night's sleep. X