Recent radical prostatectomy.

Good evening folks

I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in November and it’s now nearly three weeks since surgery, and a week since the catheter was removed (still blood in my pee, and i now have a UTI!), 10 days more to go with the blood thinning injections.

Still coming to terms with the impact it (the removal of my prostate) has on a male, and in particular, the fact that I will no longer be able to ejaculate, errrr….thats if I am am actually able to have an erection! I know I should be grateful that the aim of  removing the prostate is to remove the cancer, but I’m still waiting for the final test results to know for sure.

going back to work, albeit it working from home, on Monday, but I can’t help thinking I need to do something completely different with my life now, if means allow ( and there’s the rub).

If you’ve been through this and want to share your experience, or perhaps you have the answer to leading a different life ( and still being able to pay the bills), be glad to hear from you!


  • Hello Crampie and welcome to the forum

    I'm sorry to hear that your recovery from surgery hasn't been as smooth as you may have hoped. Hopefully, the UTI will clear up soon and once you've stopped the injections things may start to settle a little bit. 

    We've had a few new members join recently who have been through treatment for prostate cancer and I'm going to tag in . If you click on his name you should be able to read his profile story and some of the posts he's recently written. As I've tagged him in he may pop along to say hello and share some of his experiences with you. 

    In terms of making some life changes, I think this is something lots of people who are diagnosed with cancer experience. It's often an opportunity to sit back and reconsider what is important in life and how we might like things to look moving forward. It can be an exciting adventure! And hopefully, as you move forward with your post-operative recovery you'll be able to explore some of those options. 

    Do keep in touch Crampie and let us know how you get on. 

    Best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator  

  • Hi Crampie, moderator Jenn asked me to say hello, so hello and a warm welcome to the forum, though we went down different treatment routes, we have sex related issues, I had RT, HT and a TURP so 1 no testosterone, 2 semen/sperm diverted into bladder,3 no libido and 4 poor erection after treatment April 2023, today 1+2 no change, libido fine and erection much better. I also passed blood, had a bout of frank haematuria, a couple of infections and needed my bladder flushing out. So sex life good. though thanks to having 95%+ less testosterone i am more emotional, empathetic and tearful, like many are, and like many others, i like the new me, just a little heads up should you suddenly start crying. As far as a new life and giving up work, i used to be a carpenter  .but had to stop as the hours got less and less so got into healthcare until i quit 4 years ago. I now work part time from home making furniture working what hours and times i want, I do a few fundraising events a year, have started doing talks/speeches on PCa and volunteer at my hospice and local cancer charity, my job which i average 15 hours a week pays the bills. I hope your final test results bring good news, and the new you finds what you are looking for, take care.