First Mammogram has come back Abnormal - Very Scared

Hello , I am sat here absolutely terrified and by chance came across your chat, 

I went for my very first mammogram after turning 50 in May, during the session the staff member did retake the right breast picture twice, which sort of had me worried, when I got dressed I could see a picture on the screen assuming it was mine and the Right Breast as she did that one last, there did appear to be what looked like a White area with spikes near the nipple, she told me to expect the results in 2-3 weeks, I had a call from my GP yesterday afternoon who said they had received my results and there was an abnormal result for the Right breast, he was surprised i had not yet heard from our hospital and had not yet got my letter with the results , he told me not to worry, well i am , lots 

I lost a friend to breast cancer earlier this year , and hers was picked up in a mammogram and she died aged 59. 

I have of course 'Googled' which i know everyone says not too, but I could not help it as what i saw on the screen now has me very concerned. 

I have always 'checked' myself and certainly went to town on them last night thinking I have missed it and could not find anything that i could not find in the left, 

I suppose what I am asking is , if a recall on a first is very common, what might be the white area i saw , 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I do hope you are all well, and I hope I am worrying over absolutely nothing 

  • Winderflump 

    sorry you are here , I would call the clinic and tell them you have had half a story and you want to no .

    I had a diagnosis last year I never felt the lump even when they drew on me for theatre .

    abnormal May not been cancer it coukd be cysts or something 

    good luck here to chat xx love Lara x 

  • Thanks Lara I have just had an appointment come through for next Monday for a Diagnostic Mammogram, whatever that is?? 

  • Aww bless you maybe it’s the breast clinic they do it all there it’s usually a one stop clinic if you need a mamo ultrasound or biopsy they can do it all there and put your mind at ease x 

    good luck lovely xxx 

  • Hi Wonderflump

    Sorry to find you on here.  I haven’t been on the forum for ages.  It’s always a worry when you are recalled from a first mammogram.  That happened to me too.  All mammograms are double read and as they have nothing to compare the first one to they are usually pretty thorough and will recall you if any slight abnormality is noted.  It doesn’t mean there is anything major wrong but they will want to make sure which is a good thing.  Try not to panic (easier said than done I know).  They evidently want a closer look at one area but that doesn’t mean you’ve got BC.  Only a biopsy can confirm that.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Wonderflump,

    A very warm welcome to our forum.

    More people are recalled after their first mammogram, than after any others. This is because, as Mary said, they have nothing to compare the first one to. Not all breast lumps are cancerous. Many turn out to be benign cysts or fibroadenoma. It is a fact that only 2 people out of every 10 seen at the clinic will get a cancer diagnosis.

    I was recalled after one of my mammograms and was terrified, as I'd lost my mum to secondary breast cancer. Fortunately, I got the all clear then.

    I have since had 2 bouts of breast cancer and had a lumpectomy first time around and a double mastectomy for the second. That was all 14 years ago and I still lead a busy and fulfilling life. Treatments have made great advances in recent years. There was just no comparison between the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare which mum and I had. I sincerely hope that nothing untoward is found. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx

  • Thankyou all so much, I have not had any letters through yet,  but I suppose the important thing is the appointment even with the small info included on the email. I have sat down thinking about my breasts journey with me, and whilst it may be nothing I recalled a few things that have occurred with the Right one, I had Mastitis when breast feeding my youngest, I have had 3 Sebaceous Cysts, none surgically removed but treated and allowed to drain naturally,  but one in particular was very nasty and huge!! They were on my bra line though so not sure that shows on a mammogram and not sure any evidence would be left?? My friends horse bit the top through my t shirt, but that bruised it only, I had horrific stretch marks as my Right is bigger than my left and of course during pregnancy it got bigger! 

    I have told work who were amazing but not home, I don't want to worry anyone unless it is necessary,  I am a carer for my mum who lives with us but she is unwell and depressed,  

    I am OK, I probably won't be Monday, but I can't change where I am,  I just wish they told you so you had an idea before you went rather than everything on that day. 

    Thankyou all again and thankyou for your support and sharing ️xx

  • Wonderflump 

    senging you all the luck in the world xx 

  • Hi Wonderflump,

    I hope that your appointment comes through soon.

    Kind regards,

    Jolamine xx