Breast cancer bad day

Hi everyone, I’m about 8 weeks after diagnosis for invasive ducal carcinoma, I’ve had single mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and then last Wednesday another op to have lymph nodes removed. I’ve now been told that it will be about two weeks to find out results on if I need chemotherapy. Today I’m having a really bad day, so far I’ve been able to hold it together but today everything has got on top of me. I have been loaded with so much information all at once that seems to keep changing with different people, I just can’t keep up. All I now want to do is scream at the top of my voice and then roll into a ball and cry. I feel like I’m in total meltdown. It’s all been too much to take in, in the last few weeks. I go to bed worrying about what will happen and wake up worrying about what will happen. Friends and family think they’re helping by talking about what they’re doing and showing holiday pics and trying to make everything normal but it just makes me feel more depressed knowing I can’t do any of these things, which in turn makes me feel bad as they’re just trying to help. I have elderly parents 87 and 88 who I’m also trying to put a brave face on for and I just don’t think I can do it any more. Is there anyone else who feels similar or can offer any advice to get over these negative feelings before I end up smashing things in my home. Thanks in advance.