My husband is terminal Ill with stomach cancer

He has just had a stent fitted in his bile duct near liver, he has chemotherapy and 2 other treatments on 11th next week, he cannot eat only drinking little water which he vomits and wrenches all day long he has a driver syringe with 3 medication’s in it, and has as and when needed oromorph, he is having trouble staying out of bed as he is in so much pain, when he goes to lavatory he only just makes it as he feels like he is going to pass out, I am so concerned that he won’t be able to tolerate his treatments.

my husband is now suffering from anxiety attacks when our adult children visit, he just ignores them until they leave  it breaks my heart, as they adore him so much, we have 3 boys and 1 daughter and my husband is so angry with myself and my daughter all we do is do our upper most to help and keep him comfortable, we need advice in how to cope around my dearest hubby.