43 Her2 positive er positive

Im 43 and I’ve just been diagnosed with her2 positive er positive invasive breast cancer. There’s a confirmed lump 13mm and I’m awaiting mri results as there’s another larger area of concern that showed on a CEM. No sign of lymph node involvement as of yet even though my under arm aches. The discussions have changed so many times about treatments - first they said probably surgery then Chemo. Today the nurse said chemo might come first. I’m so confused- it’s making me ache with anxiety. My hands hurt so bad. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? What treatment did you have and in which order- I’m keen for a mastectomy and reconstruction. 

  • I too have the filgrastim injections for 7 days, but get hubby to do mine. Only told about bone infusions a couple of weeks ago, it did come as a bit of a surprise. It could be an age thing as I'm 61, not sure everyone has to have them. Most people I've spoken to say they're having the phesgo injections for about a year, again maybe this does vary. It is a long journey and I'll be glad to finish chemo on the 9th July. But starting to get a bit nervous about the surgery, as it gets closer. Think I'm having reconstruction at the same time  so quite a big operation. Take care and keep in touch, I'd like to know how you're doing. Xx

  • I have only started this journey and cannot wait to get the chemo part finished. The cancer is underneath my nipple so that's to come off with any remaining breast tissue but I'm OK with that, will be in and out of hospital the same day. Hopefully your surgery recovery isn't too bad and being nervous is normal. I'm feeling OK as I've not had any hair loss yet, that's the part that makes me anxious even though I have a wig and turbans on standby. Will probably ask my cancer nurse about bone injections just to see what's planned for me, so much info to take on board at the minute. Will check back in soon to see how you are doing, keep well xx

  • There’s so many names of things. Suziq71 have you got the cold cap through the NHS or did you have to arrange it a different way? Can you explain how it works? Are all your chemo sessions the same length? How long? What are filgrastim injections? I’ve arranged a semi permanent eyebrow and eyeliner appointment to see what they can offer before I start anything. 

  • Is your cancer oestrogen positive also or progesterone positive or both? Trying to figure out if ours is the same as I’ve been told it’ll be 8 rounds of chemo.