Grade 3 breast cancer

**trigger warning - sorry this is a bit negative**

I was diagnosed in February with ER positive HER 2 negative IDC originally grade 2 but post surgery upgraded to grade 3. Lymph nodes are clear so it’s stage 1 but as I’m only 35 I will be having chemo which I’m ok with. I’m just worried about after treatment, from what I see on this site and videos I’ve been watching on YouTube it seems like even stage 1 always comes back at some point. Is this true or are there women out there who never get a recurrence? I’m hoping there are and they are just not on sites like this any more, but it feels like every day I see another secondary diagnosis story and it feels inevitable. Sorry again for being negative. 

  • That’s all great,, so glad your going too speak to a councillor. Try the cold cap, but be committed-to the end of your treatment if you can. I  lost some hair but it grew back so quickly.. 

    Let me know if you need any tips or help along the way, I will keep this feed open.. 

    Good luck with your oncologist ask lots of questions xx 

  • Hi, I saw the oncologist today and got lots of info on chemo. But I was surprised when he recommended letrozole for the hormone treatment as I had been expecting tamoxifen which is what I thought they gave to pre-menopausal women. I see you are on anastrozole which seems to be similar - how are you finding that? Do you get bad side effects? And are you also on the injections to shut down the ovaries? Xx

  • Hey again, Letrozole and Anastrazole are very similar they work differently to tamoxifen, but have excellent results in pre menopausal women. 
    I have an injection 3monthly callled Prostap that shuts my ovaries down ( absolutely no problems with that) I take Anastrazole once  a day. Yes I suffered with Menopausal symptoms for around 6 months, but I’m okay now, I take an antidepressant as this was the only thing I was able to take to help with the hot sweats. This was my only side effect. I have gained weight due to the fact my eostrogen has been reduced.

    I also have a drip in hospital once every 6 months only for 5 years , something to do with my calcium levels. I have calcium-D tables 2 per day. 

    When you go and have your chat with your Chemo nurse about your chemo  treatment you will come out of the meeting in fear, it is no way as bad as they say, they give you worst case o and every side effect. 

    you might have a PIC line fitted in your arm, this was also harmless and really convenient, I would go to the hospital once a week to have it flushed and re dressed, i actually liked going as it gave me an opportunity to chat to the nurse! 

    Don’tet them do you like and chemo same day, I did and it was all too much.

    Im not shore what chemo your having but I wrote some notes down after my first round of my side effects, that help me prepare for my next one. Your first is the hardest, make sure they give you lots of anti sickness tablets to take home and have one when you get home from Chemo. 

    did they mention Radiotherapy xxx 

  • sorry typo xx 

    Don’tet them do your pic line and chemo same day, I did and it was all too much.

  • Hi, thanks so much for getting back to me. Yeah I will be getting the injection to shut down ovaries as well. That’s good that your symptoms aren’t too bad, have you gained a lot of weight? And how’s your hair? I read it can thin your hair quite a bit? Which would suck after chemo! I’m not vain but I don’t want to look drastically different. I will be getting a bone strengthening infusion every 6 months too. And the chemo they recommended was 4 x EC then 4 x paclitaxel followed by 2 weeks of radiotherapy. 
    I asked about a port/pic but he said they wouldn’t do that unless they had trouble getting a vein, I was a bit surprised by this as I thought a port/pic was best.. I may ask the nurse again about this next week when I go back xx

  • Yes all the Same as me pretty Much, my hair is absolutely as it was pre C, of course I used the cold cap. My hair started to grow back just before my last Chemo actually as I did have a bold patch where the Cold cap didn’t fit quite right. 

    I’m surprised about Pic line, maybe ask again or see how you get on. When is your chemo chat xx

  • I’m going to give the cold cap a go. My chat with the nurse is next Wednesday so I’ll ask again xx

  • Great. Let me know how you get on. I will give you lots of cold cap tips then. Hope your feeling more positive and settled now you have a plan xx 

  • That would be amazing thanks. I’m feeling ok afterwards. I didn’t really enjoy looking at that NHS predict thing that shows you the survival numbers, it was a bit grim but definitely showed a benefit to chemo so I am on board with this. It’s more the hormone stuff I’m concerned about, I’m not looking forward to being menopausal at 35, but I know I’m lucky to have these treatment options, it’s just tough to think about once you’ve already gone through all the chemo and radio.. xx