Grade 3 breast cancer

**trigger warning - sorry this is a bit negative**

I was diagnosed in February with ER positive HER 2 negative IDC originally grade 2 but post surgery upgraded to grade 3. Lymph nodes are clear so it’s stage 1 but as I’m only 35 I will be having chemo which I’m ok with. I’m just worried about after treatment, from what I see on this site and videos I’ve been watching on YouTube it seems like even stage 1 always comes back at some point. Is this true or are there women out there who never get a recurrence? I’m hoping there are and they are just not on sites like this any more, but it feels like every day I see another secondary diagnosis story and it feels inevitable. Sorry again for being negative. 

  • My Sister had breast cancer when she was 45 she's now 63 with no reoccurrence, I know she had the cancerous lump removed and that she had radiotherapy and she's been fine ever since .

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply with this positive story, I’m so glad your sister is doing well. 
    Maybe this could turn into a positive thread, I think a lot of people would love to hear some more positive stories.


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    Giving this a bump.. could really use some positive stories.. :(


  • My friend had stage 3 breast cancer over 20 years ago and she's still here to tell the tale.....

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    Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for sharing this sharza x

  • Hi I just popped onto here after over a year. I hope I can give you some reassurance.

    i was told u have BC in October 2021 fit and heathy 38 year out. Oestrogen Fed Invasive Ductal carcinoma, I also went from a grade 2 too a grade 3. I had a lumpectomy and my nodes were also clear. 
    I had 6x FEC-t chemo followed by 8 sessions of radiotherapy now I’m on Anastrazole tablets. 

    I too was petrified of re occurrence I felt the worst when I was at my weakest. I felt very alone, and really vulnerable . I was lucky enough to make some friends on here that were going through the same as me and it really helped, you could do the same or find a site called someone like me. No one really understands how you’re feeling unless you have been through it yourself,. I used the cold cap to feel as normal as I could as I didn’t tell my children, it was the right decision for me.

    You need to only think about what’s happening now, you have a bump in the road and need to focus on getting all your treatment done, you will waste your whole life living in fear. We are well looked after, mammograms every year plus you will be under the breast clinic for 5 years so any worries you have them too.

    I hope you will manage chemo okay, you will be fine and smash it out of the park. 

    You’ve got this! Much love Sarah 

  • Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your lovely uplifting message, it means so much - I cry when people are nice to me at the moment but in a good way! (People have been so incredibly nice since my diagnosis). I’m so glad to hear you are doing well and it’s all behind you now. 
    I hadn’t heard of this type of chemo FEC-t was yours her2 negative? I thought I would be getting the dreaded AC (just from googling which I know I shouldnt do) and I had resigned myself to cold cap not working. But it I could cold cap and keep my hair that would make such a difference. My oncology appointment is next week so I don’t have the plan yet just been told by the surgeon to expect chemo because of the grade 3. 

  • Hi I was HER2 negative, I was given Chemo due to my age and it’s a grade 3, I also had a Oncotype DX score done but decided I didn’t want to know my score, I think I was eligible for this due to my Tumor being Oestrogen Fed. The cold cap was really tough. I can’t remember what FEC-t stands for I was on 3 of one and 3 of another type. 

    i would cry and anything and everything. I am sorry your going through this, but you will look back in a year and give others support and it will feel like a lifetime ago.

    Just think how brave you are,, going too get checked saved your life. You are strong and this is never coming back! It’s not there anymore it’s gone,, now it’s time too have a mop up if you hv chemo or radiotherapy. You must remember that your not alone, if your worried about it coming back you could ask your Consultant to refer you for counselling. Also talk to your oncologist I can remember mine saying too me that doing nothing other than the op would most likely be ok but they just want too mop up anything. Xx

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    Here's another....

    My mum's neighbour had a mastectomy when she was in her 40's and lived to be over 80. Cause of death wasn't cancer.

  • We did previously discuss oncotype but I think now they are just going to go ahead with chemo anyway because of my age, and I think like you I wouldn’t want to know my score anyway. If there’s a chance of keeping some hair I think I may as well give the cold cap a go, although I hate being cold so know it will be hard!

    I have already been referred for counselling, hopefully I can start that soon, I do think talking will help and I really want to try and change my mindset to living more in the moment and worrying less about the future.

    thanks again for your kind words, they really do mean a lot and it’s great that you still pop on here now and again to help people like me, keep doing it if you can xx