News of changes to the forum

I just want to let you know about some visual changes coming to Cancer Chat later today. Since we relaunched the site in June last year, we have constantly monitored any feedback and also conducted a number of interviews. We have identified two main issues; one was that the homepage didn’t really explain what Cancer Chat was all about. The other issue was difficulty signing up for the first time. Some people found it confusing because the sign in form and the join form weren’t separate. To make it easier for new members to join Cancer Chat, we have separated the buttons so you will now see both a Join and a Sign in button instead of the previous Sign in or Join button.

We have also refreshed the home page to make it more welcoming with useful information about the forum for those who are visiting for the first time. Once members are signed in, the home page will change to a more simplified version which should make it easier to see that you are logged in.

In addition, we have added a grey bar across the top of all pages which will give you quick links to all our help guides, forum categories and the home page.

We hope these updates will make it much easier for those affected by cancer to feel safe, welcome, and able to get the support they need from Cancer Chat. Of course, we always welcome feedback and so do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The Cancer Chat Team

  • Hi, maybe this has been asked 1001 time, so apologies in advance. If there is any chance we will get the option to edit posts again?

    It's entirely a "me" issue, but i have this bad habit of never proofreading my posts before hit that send button. Then my second bad habit comes into play, i re-read the post and spot numerous mistakes when i can't do anything about it other than look like an idiot.

  • See, spot the mistakes above. Haha

  • Hello ProfBaw

    Unfortunately at the moment, we're not able to give an option for members to edit posts, although we know this is something many of you would appreciate. 

    The community management team is talking with the software provider to see if we can find a solution so please bear with us whilst we try to resolve things.  

    In the meantime, what I would say is don't worry too much about the glitches you spot. We're very grateful for all that you do to support community members. 

    Best wishes, 
    Cancer Chat moderator