My Mum has months to live.. What will I do without her?

I just don't know what to do. I'm 27 and my Mum was diagnosed with cancer late december, After Mum going through treatment I was told yesterday that she has months to live rather than years. I am so heartbroken, Me and Mum are very close, whenever I needed advice or something happend in life she was always there for me and everything was okay again. Now I can't turn to her when I need her the most, I know I have to try and be strong for her because she doesn't want to die, she's only 53 and I'm her only child. I haven't had children yet and it's sad to know she won't ever meet them. I was very close to my Nan too (her Mum who died in 2010) And all three of us had so many great times together. I hate the thought that when I do have children I won't be able to visit Mum and have a laugh like how I used to. Mum is currently in a hospice, which was only meant to be restbite for two weeks, I'm just hoping she will be able to come home because when she's not in pain and has morphine it's like she is well and normal Mum again. I hope she has at least six months or more rather than two. It's very very sad and I don't know how I'm going to cope without my Mum. My Dad is 68 and I just know he won't be able to live without mum either. All I want is My Mum.  

  • Sorry to hear about this news. Sometimes we have to walk paths we don't want to. Your mum is doing it also and she will be full of emotional hurt too, having to say goodbye to her only child and husband won't be easy. She will be scared, sad, maybe angry, and possibly feel as if she's letting people down. There will be unbearable pain for everyone. You can still continue to make happy memories today with the family. I know these are no words of comfort as such, but you will survive. You will continue with your life. You will face whatever life throws at you.

  • Hi Sophiee so sorry to read about you mum it's hard I know exactly how you feeling I'm in silmer situation. My mother got inoperable bowel cancer she doesn't want to know how long she got . It's so sad my heart is broken hearing them words that they can't do nothing don't make any sense nothing do I'm dreading xmas and new year everyone be celebrating and happy it's so not fair. My father wouldn't be able to cope to its so horrible when someone we love is going through cancer have all op and treatment then be told there nothing else my head been mess since my mother told me the news . We trying to keep things normal for my mother and spend as much time with here is so hard . You got loads support on here if any time you just want to chat . Take care x 

  • Hun I am so sorry going though the same feelings as u , just can't bear the thought of life without my mum,  my mum has always been the one to pick up the pieces and sorted things out now I am trying to be strong for my kids as I know how upset they are 2 

  • I'm so sorry to hear you lost your mum. I know this post is older now but I wanted to see how you are doing? I've ended up in the exact same position as you were 7 years ago. I'm 28, mum is 52 and I've just found out that her cancer has spread and she now only has a few months to live. I'm absolutely broken. Similar to you, me and my mum are very close. I'm an only child and she is my best friend. I cant bare to have to live on without her here.