Lost My Dad to Stage 4 Lung Cancer and Maid

I just recently lost my Dad to Stage 4 lung cancer and at the end he decided to do medically assisted death (I'm from Canada and it's legal there).    I guess I was lucky enough we got to be there to say goodbye but it was still such a gut wrenching experience.  Too boot we are in the middle of house renovations so are living with my husband's family and I'm really struggling after coming back to the UK to have my own time and space to come to terms with everything without having our own space.  I miss him so much and I can't even begin to imagine what was going through his head when he decided it was time to do Maid just I guess he was done being in so much pain.  

  • Welcome to the forum BBB444 although I'm so sorry to hear your dad has passed away. You have my sincerest and most heartfelt condolences for your loss.

    Coping with grief is very difficult and brings up so many thoughts, feelings and challenges along the way but I'm glad you've decided to join our online community BBB444 as our members will truly understand what you are going through at the moment, so you are not alone, and I'm sure it won't be long until you receive some words of comfort, support and advice.

    It must be very difficult not having the time and space you need to process your dad's passing but I do hope our forum can offer you a safe place to talk about what's on your mind. I'm not sure if you have sought out or thought about bereavement counselling but it may be able to give you the time and space you're looking for to work through your emotions so if you feel this is something that may help, then do take a look at the support and services that are offered by Cruse Bereavement Care and Sue Ryder. Your GP should be able to tell you about services that may be available to you in your local area as well.

    We are here for you BBB444 and sending all our strength and support your way.

    Kind regards,

    Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator