Delayed grief

Hi I'm just wondering if anybody can relate to what's happening to me. My dad died in July from lung cancer. He told us he had cancer and 3 weeks later he was in a hospice and 2 weeks later he died after an awful few days which was extremely traumatic to witness. After he passed I kept really busy and even at his funeral I cried but kept it all together. Dont get me wrong I've cried but not how I thought I would. My dad was the only remaining family member from my .childhood and I have no siblings and I was always a daddy's girl. I didn't live close by but would phone him every day, I would laugh with him when I'd had a funny day or ask his advice I adored him. So all of a sudden I'm crying every day and feel so so sad. My husband has a new job and is so happy about it, my children are excited for Halloween and Christmas but I've suddenly got this uncontrollable sadness. Wondered if anyone else had experienced this or had any advice please.

  • Hi there , what you are experiencing is normal grief . I’m so sorry to hear about your dad . It’s very early days yet following his passing . Please consider ringing Maggie’s .You can either talk to someone or make an appointment to go in . They will understand how you feel . Alternatively ring Cruise bereavement . No one can change what’s happened but they can help you to get your head round it all x Sending a hug xx

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    Thanks for your reply. I will definetly contact Maggies as feel really alone dealing with my emotions. Guess I just didn't expect to feel worse three months down the line than I did when he died. Maybe it's because it was a blessing when he passed as he was ill and suffering,so maybe the initial relief and the busy part of funeral arrangements stopped me feeling so distraught. Thanks again xx