Second parent with Cancer: my mum has bladder cancer

Hi, I lost my dad to bowel cancer when I was 25. 2 weeks ago we found out my mum has bladder cancer and I can’t stop worrying that I am about to lose another parent. My dad’s cancer journey was drawn out, traumatic and painful, and I am petrified my mum is going to suffer and pass away in the same way. 

  • Hello Bellapoppy71, 

    I am so sorry to hear that you mum has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer and it must bring a lot of memories back to your mind from when your dad was diagnosed and sadly passed away. Having to witness both parents go through cancer is truly heart-breaking and I can imagine it was a traumatic experience to lose your dad. But try if you can not to think too much about what sadly happened to your dad as no two cancer journeys will be the same and your mum is in the best possible hands I am sure to receive excellent treatment. There is bound to be a lot of uncertainty still at the moment as you only found out 2 weeks ago and you are still waiting to know all the details and I hope that you find out more very soon. 

    You are not alone - we are here for you and I hope that you will hear from the experiences of other members who have been through something similar.

    Best wishes, 

    Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator